Why Party Membership?



Many of us think of ourselves as Democrats, simply because we have usually voted for Democratic Party candidates, and perhaps donated to certain campaigns. In between Presidential elections we often where we have lost ground. This is where we really need the attention and resources that a strong county party can provide.

Join the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) and the Washtenaw County Democratic Party (WCDP)



Here’s Why:

  1. We need local infrastructure to win elections.
    Presidential campaigns don’t build our county’s foundations. When we have a permanent organization in place, we are ready to go for every election. We can get out the vote for essential local and State offices as well as for national ones.

  2. The WCDP updates and Legislative Affairs emails are real organizing tools.
    They provide specific, easy, effective actions to take, and give you news of local action you might otherwise miss. To receive WCDP email alerts, complete the form at the bottom of the page. To receive Legislative Affairs emails, contact Justin Hodge, Hodge.WCDP@gmail.com.

  3. The Washtenaw County Democratic Party helps us be informed, engaged, and empowered.
    The WCDP and our affiliates–the WCDP Black Caucus; the 7th and 12th Congressional District Dems; Eastern Washtenaw Dems; Western Washtenaw Dems; Ann Arbor Dems; and the student chapters at U-M and EMU–offer invaluable programming about local issues and ways to join the organizing that benefits our community.

  4. The Michigan Democratic Party is committed to rebuilding our party statewide, from the grassroots up.
    The MDP is sponsoring “Project 83”, to strengthen party organizations in all 83 counties. Our county activists play a key role in this initiative, working neighborhood-by-neighborhood starting NOW. Be heard, and make your voice count!

  5. As a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, you can help shape the State party.
    Membership gives YOU a voice, and a vote, at the annual conventions where the direction of the party, and many of its candidates, are decided, and lets you either be a delegate or vote for delegates to the various bodies that define the direction of our Democratic Party.

The hope that Washtenaw County could become a force for activism is becoming a reality due to the hard work, passion and dedication of volunteers.

Chris Savage

Washtenaw County Democratic Party Chair

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