Officers and Executive Board 2017-2018

Last update: 1/16/2017

NOTE: All names are hotlinked to their email address.

Chair Chris Savage
Vice-Chair Hedieh Briggs
Treasurer Doug Scott
Secretary Linda Horne
Vice-Chairs for Membership Susan Baskett and Anne Brown
Vice-Chairs for Communications Satish Ramade and Julie Baker
Vice-Chair for Programs Mary Hall-Thiam and Ashley Hall
Vice-Chair for Fundraising Bill Worzel and Kelly Tebay
Vice-Chair for Outreach Kathy Wyatt and David Greco
Vice-Chairs for Precinct Organizing Catherine Daligga and Jane Forman
Vice-Chairs for Resolutions, By-laws, and Policy Eli Savitt and Denise Kirchoff
Vice-Chair for Legislative Programs Justin Hodge and Solomon Rajput
Vice-Chairs for Visibility Melinda McCabe and Amanda Mayer
Vice-Chair for Social Media Jeremy Glick and Allie Van Zoeren
Vice-Chair for Administrative Affairs Susie Catherman and Nathan Longhofer
Vice-Chairs for Social Events Steve Kwasny and Jelani McGadney