Monday, January 15

Equality, dignity, racial justice, basic living income, peace, civility, care for our fellow human beings – these are the values that Martin Luther King Jr. stood for and fought for and won the Nobel Prize for. These are the qualities and issues that we need to remember – NOW MORE THAN EVER.

Please join us for a MLK Jr. Day March at 5:15 p.m. on Monday, January 15 – the 2018 Federal Holiday honoring Dr. King.  We will start inside the Chelsea Police Station lobby and march to the McKune Library. The Library is hosting a MLK Jr. Day movie at 6 p.m*. We can rally at the Library to finish our March and join the movie if you are interested.

Our theme is NOW MORE THAN EVER!  Bring signs, banners and your voices! (But please, no overtly political signs, pro or con. We can say what we need to without mentioning specific people.)

This march is being organized by Chelsea Area One World One Family and supported by ICPJ (Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice) If you represent an organization or know of an organization who would like to be listed as a supporter of this march, please email Joanne Ladio (

The Event is listed on the OWOF Facebook page HERE.

*Note: the movie at the Library is “Hidden Figures” which is certainly appropriate to the day. There will be a discussion after. Registration for the movie is required –> Click HERE.