Donna Lasinski Fundraiser

Posted May, 5, 2017

Donna Lasinski personal letter to invitees:


Dear Friend,


Over the last 5 months, I have met hundreds of passionate women and men who are driven to make real, positive change in our communities.


Please join Gretchen, Barb and me as we bring together newly formed action groups including Indivisible, Swing Left, and Stronger Together to meet and inspire each other and YOU!


Because of our local efforts to come together, the work I do in Lansing is stronger. 


The cold, hard reality is that it will take monetary support for me to be able to continue my work on our behalf in Lansing.


As the only female legislator in the State House from Washtenaw County, and a Democrat in one of the most targeted seats, I deeply appreciate your early support. 


Thank you and I look forward to seeing you,



Gretchen Driskell 
& Barb Fuller
invite you to

Spring into Action

for State Representative 
Donna Lasinski

With special guests:
Action Groups that are making
their voices heard in Washtenaw County

Tuesday, May 23

The Chelsea Depot
125 Jackson St, Chelsea MI 48118

First Timer…$25



Online Signup:


Paid for by CTE Donna Lasinski • PO Box 7425 • Ann Arbor MI 48107

No corporate checks – please | Labor donated – printed in house