Protectors of Equality in Government

Free and open to everyone! Come listen and learn.

January 21 • 3PM

Jewish Community Center
2935 Birchhollow Drive
Ann Arbor

Shannon Dolente is the voting rights strat-egist for the Michigan ACLU. She will de-scribe how and why Michigan lags behind nearly every other state when it comes to providing free and fair access to the ballot. She will explain the potential for voting rights to serve as a uniting issue in our state and around the country. Finally she will discuss how the audience members can get involved in the Let People Vote campaign.

February 11  • 3PM

Zion Lutheran Church
5100 W. Liberty
Ann Arbor

Michigan elections are becoming increasingly expensive, and the up-coming 2018 election in Michigan could be one of the priciest in state history. The presentation will detail how the role of money in Michigan politics has changed over the last decade. The cost of campaigns is going up while the source of the money is becoming harder to track. At the same time, the number of people lobbying state government is increasing while the number of journalists and watchdogs is decreasing.

Craig Mauger, the Director of The Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that seeks to shine the brightest light possible on the role of money in Michigan politics, will provide information people can use: how does campaign finance work in Michigan; what is dark money; how can a person identify dark money-funded campaign mailers and advertisements; and how can a person find out who’s funding a TV ad? In addition Roddy Wares of the League of Women Voters will answer our questions on how to register to vote.

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