We have two incredibly urgent issues that we need your support for this week. First, the Duggan-Leonard Plan has passed out of committee and may be voted on this Thursday. If we can stop the bill this week, its support will lose momentum and our ability to shift focus to the Far and Affordable No-Fault Plan will increase.

Second, on 11/7/17, there will be a special election in our 109th district. This seat was held by a Democrat and the Republicans are putting significant resources into trying to take the district. We’re already deeply in the minority in both chambers of the state legislature and cannot afford to lose another seat. From now until the election, we have partnered with the Michigan Democratic Party to host phone banks focused on calling constituents in that district. Please come by the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Advocacy Center at 418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 this week anytime between 12:00 PM and 6:00 PM to join this statewide effort.

Phone Advocacy

Phone Advocacy is calling legislators to support or oppose a bill or issue. Our contacts in the Michigan House and Senate help us select our state topics and the calling targets based how we can have the greatest impact.

Calling state legislators other than your own continues to be an effective advocacy tool as state legislative staffers typically do not ask whether or not a caller is a constituent. If a staffer does ask if you are a constituent, it is best to be truthful and give a broad response such as, “I am a concerned voter and the legislator’s vote has an impact on my life.” If you have a family member that is a constituent you can say that you are calling on their behalf or if you work in that legislator’s district you can inform them of that as well.

The following scripts provide key points that should be covered in your calls, but you do not need to follow them exactly:

Urge State Representatives to oppose the Duggan-Leonard Plan and to support the Fair and Affordable No-Fault  Reform Plan

Republican House Members

Chris Afendoulis 

(517) 373-0218

John Bizon

(517) 373-0555

Tommy Brann

(517) 373-2277

Edward Canfield

(517) 373-0476

Kathy Crawford

(517) 373-0827

Diana Farrington

(517) 373-7768

Ben Frederick

(517) 373-0841

Joseph Graves

(517) 373-1780

Pamela Hornberger

(517) 373-8931

Martin Howrylak

(517) 373-1783

Klink Kesto

(517) 373-1799

Jim Lilly

(517) 373-0838

Peter Lucido

(517) 373-0843

Steve Marino

(517) 373-0113

Michael McCready

(517) 373-8670

Aaron Miller

(517) 373-0832

Brett Roberts

(517) 373-1775

Jim Runestad

(517) 373-2616

Curtis VanderWall

(517) 373-0825

Scott VanSingel

(517) 373-7317

Rob VerHuelen

(517) 373-8900

Roger Victory

(517) 373-1830

Michael Webber

(517) 373-1773

Jeff Yaroch

(517) 373-0820



Democratic House Members


Bettie Cook-Scott

(517) 373-1776

Wendell Byrd

(517) 373-0144

Fred Durhal III

(517) 373-0844

Stephanie Chang

(517) 373-0823

Latanya Garrett

(517) 373-2276

Sylvia Santana

(517) 373-6990

Leslie Love

(517) 373-0857

Jewell Jones

(517) 373-0849

Erika Geiss

(517) 373-0852

Kevin Hertel

(517) 373-1180

John Chirkun

(517) 373-0854

Henry Yanez

(517) 373-2275

Patrick Green

(517) 373-1772

William Sowerby

(517) 373-0159

Phil Phelps

(517) 373-7515

Scott Dianda

(517) 373-0850

Abdullah Hammoud                                     (517) 373-0847

Sheldon Neeley                                                 (517) 373-8808

Hello, I am calling to urge Representative _____ to oppose the Duggan-Leonard Auto Reform Plan and to support the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Plan and Greimel Bill  instead. Many Michiganders who become catastrophically injured depend on the their insurance coverage to receive medical care for the rest of their lives. Putting a cap on personal injury protection puts the health of our most needy citizens at risk and threatens their economic stability.

I know that making common sense reforms to auto insurance is a priority for you, but the Duggan-Leonard Plan does not truly offer choice as it will drive costs up for personal injury protections and make them too expensive. Please support the Fair and Affordable No-Fault Reform Plan and Greimel Bill instead, which will lower costs for drivers without limiting coverage.

Active Dialogue

Active Dialogue is a facilitated discussion focused on social justice, poverty, and related activism. This program is meant to foster meaningful conversations in a safe space where local democrats can discuss important issues in a low pressure environment. 

Our next Active Dialogue will be on 11/13/17 at 6:30 PM at the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Office located at 418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Monthly Meeting

Our next monthly meeting is on 11/15/17 at 7:30 PM at the Washtenaw County Democratic Party Office located at 418 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.