In 2016, the Washtenaw County Democratic Party, in partnership with the Western Washtenaw Democrats, the Ann Arbor Democratic Party, the Eastern Washtenaw Democrats, and the 12th District Democrats raised enough funds to print and distribute upwards of 40,000 Voters Guides. They were printed on newsprint so they stood out from all of the other campaign literature that people received and the included all of our endorsed Democrats along with a sample ballot and other very useful information. We even mailed them to people who get automatic absentee ballots!This Voters Guide was SO POPULAR that we have expanded our universe and in 2018 we plan to distribute 100,000 Voters Guides!

This is obviously an expensive proposition. However, the demand is so strong and the response and feedback from 2016 was so positive that we simply can’t miss this opportunity, particularly with the demise of straight-ticket voting thanks to the voter suppression efforts of Republicans in Michigan.

So, we need your help. Please contribute to help us make this a reality. In 2016 our members were incredibly generous and we’re hoping we can count on you again this year.

To make a donation, you can do so online

If you wish to make a donation by check, make it out to “WCDP” and send it to our treasurer Doug Scott:

Doug Scott
1525 Harding Road
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Thank you so much. Your donation is so important!