2022 Democratic Voter Guide

Gretchen Whitmer& Garlin Gilchrist IIGovernor & Lt. GovernorGretchen Whitmer & Garlin Gilchrist IIBringing people together to invest in public education, boost our economy, expand access to health care, and support Michigan families.Governor Whitmer and Garlin Gilchrist II have focused on getting things done that will make a difference in people’s lives right now. Their administration has invested in job training, created good-paying jobs, and made progress fixing the damn roads and bridges. Every single bill Governor Whitmer has signed – over 800 in the last three years – has been bipartisan, and she’s willing to sit down with anyone to solve problems and help people.

  • They have made the largest investment in K-12 education in state history – without raising taxes, and closed the school funding gap, tripled the number of literacy coaches, and helped reduce class sizes.
  • They have cut taxes for small business owners and invested over $400 million in local businesses to support and retain jobs.
  • They have created nearly 25,000 auto jobs as part of the biggest manufacturing boom in years, ensuring the future of auto manufacturing will be made in Michigan, by Michigan workers.
  • They have put 170,000 Michiganders and counting on a path to good-paying jobs with two tuition-free skills training and higher education programs.
  • They have helped enroll 35,000 four-year-olds in high-quality pre-K and expanded affordable child care to 105,000 more children.
  • They have kept their promise to start fixing the damn roads, repairing over 13,000 lane miles and more than 900 bridges, while supporting over 80,000 good-paying jobs.
  • They have turned a projected $3 billion deficit into a $7 billion surplus and passed three balanced budgets without raising taxes.
Governor Whitmer is committed to solving the problems Michiganders face every day. That means ensuring every Michigander has a great public education and a path to a good-paying job, every community has clean, safe drinking water, and everyone can drive to work or drop their kids at school safely, without blowing a tire or cracking a windshield.
JocelynBensonSecretary of StateJocelyn BensonResults. Accountability. Democracy.During her tenure, Secretary Benson has distinguished herself by overseeing implementation of two voter-approved ballot proposals: Proposal 2 that established an independent citizens redistricting commission to eliminate gerrymandering in legislative and congressional districts; and Proposal 3 that established constitutional guarantees to increase voter access to the ballot through, among other things, no-reason absentee voting.

Secretary Benson also oversaw Michigan’s 2020 presidential election, which drew record-breaking turnout – 5.5 million voters – and was the most secure election in state history. She oversaw more than 250 audits after the election, all of which affirmed its integrity and accuracy.

Secretary Benson has also transformed the customer service operations of the Secretary of State’s office. She doubled the number of services available online, installed more than 160 self-service stations and ended the take-a-ticket-and-wait system that had resulted in hours-long lines at offices for years. Now, most transactions are conducted without an office visit at all and when residents do visit an office, they are in and out in an average of 20 minutes or less.
DanaNesselAttorney GeneralDana NesselThe People's LawyerA former criminal prosecutor and civil rights attorney, Dana Nessel’s core initiatives have been fashioned in the image of her promise to Michigan’s residents — to give the Department of Attorney General back to the people that it serves. In 2019 she was awarded the Frank J. Kelley Consumer Protection Advocacy Award by the State Bar of Michigan’s Consumer Law Section.

  • She launched the Department’s Auto Insurance Fraud Unit to investigate and prosecute individuals and businesses that exploit Michigan drivers.
  • She established the office’s first Payroll Fraud Enforcement Unit to crack down on individuals and businesses who try to cheat Michigan’s workers out of their pay and retirement benefits.
  • She created the Hate Crimes Unit with the express purpose of protecting everyone in this state from those who wish to terrorize people who live here.
  • She launched Michigan’s Elder Abuse Task Force, in partnership with the Michigan Supreme Court, to stop the rise of crimes against one of the state’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Her environmental protection division is actively fighting to ensure clean air, water, and energy for Michigan’s residents so that our most valuable assets are preserved for generations to come.
RichardBernsteinMichigan Supreme Court - JusticeRichard BernsteinLife isn't fair, but judges should be.Justice Richard Bernstein became the first blind justice, elected by voters statewide, to the Michigan Supreme Court in November 2014. With a commitment to justice and fairness, Bernstein began his 8-year term in January 2015.

Prior to being elected to Michigan’s highest court, Justice Bernstein was known as a tireless advocate for disability rights as an attorney heading the public service division for the Sam Bernstein Law Firm in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Blind since birth, Justice Bernstein is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Michigan and earned his Juris Doctorate from Northwestern University School of Law.

Prior to his election to the Court, Justice Bernstein was elected by voters statewide to fulfill an eight-year term on the Board of Governors at Wayne State University.

Committed to taking action to help clients who needed him, Justice Bernstein’s cases often set national standards protecting the rights and safety of people with and without disabilities.
Kyra HarrisBoldenMichigan Supreme Court - JusticeKyra Harris BoldenWe have the opportunity to protect justice for generations.State Representative Kyra Harris Bolden is an attorney, currently serving her second term, representing her hometown of Southfield in the Michigan State House. A graduate of Southfield Public Schools, Rep. Bolden chose to remain in Michigan for her studies, receiving her bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University and Juris Doctorate from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Rep. Bolden has a deep respect for the law and has seen the depth and breadth of law in her years of practice and lawmaking. After becoming a member of the State Bar, Rep. Bolden practiced as a criminal defense attorney. Rep. Bolden then served as a Judicial Law Clerk in Wayne County’s Third Circuit Court under the Honorable Judge John A. Murphy, the longest-serving judge and longest-serving elected African American judge in the State of Michigan.

Working in Lansing, Rep. Bolden advocates for Michiganders as a member of the Judiciary Committee and has focused her work on criminal justice reform, crafting and passing bipartisan legislation to protect survivors of sexual violence.
PamelaPughMichigan Board of EducationPamela PughSupporting the physical, social, and emotional development of Michigan students, while also supporting teachers and parents.Pamela Pugh currently serves as the State Board of Education’s vice president. She has over twenty-four years of experience in the field of public health with emphasis on achieving health equity through environmental justice. Dr. Pugh is passionate about fostering the education and wellness of children through systems and programs that involve the physical, social and emotional aspects of their development.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/PamelaPugh-web-320.jpghttps://pamelalpugh.com/Statewidehttps://pamelalpugh.com/1-6
MitchellRobinsonMichigan Board of EducationMitchell RobinsonStrong public schools are the engine that drives a stronger Michigan.Mitchell Robinson is a career educator, with over 40 years of experience teaching students from kindergarten to doctoral study. He has worked with state departments of education in New York, Connecticut, and Michigan. He will advocate for policies that strengthen public institutions, like our public schools; provide a high quality education for all children, not just those who grow up in the suburbs; and defend our colleagues in the schools who are doing tremendous work under very difficult conditions.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MitchellRobinson-web-320.jpghttps://www.mitchellrobinsonforstateschoolboard.org/Statewidehttps://www.mitchellrobinsonforstateschoolboard.org/1-6
MikeBehmUniversity of Michigan RegentsMike BehmMike Behm was elected to the Board of Regents in 2014. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan in 1989 and his Juris Doctorate from Wayne State University in 1992. He is president and owner of the law firm Behm & Behm. He is also the chairperson of Business Forward Michigan and was a co-founder and former president of Level Field Institute.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MikeBehm-web-320.jpghttps://www.facebook.com/mikejbehmStatewidehttps://www.facebook.com/mikejbehm1-5
Kathleen WhiteUniversity of Michigan RegentsKathleen WhiteBuilding a Bridge Between: Education, Science, Industry and GovernmentKathy White was elected to the University of Michigan Board of Regents in 1998, and reelected in both 2006 and 2014. She received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington, a Master of Laws in patent and intellectual property law from the George Washington University Law School, and a Master’s degree in strategic studies from the U.S. Army War College.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/KathleenWhite-web-320.jpghttps://friendsofkathywhite.com/Statewidehttps://friendsofkathywhite.com/1-5
DennisDennoMichigan State University TrusteeDennis DennoImproving transparency and campus safety.Dennis runs a public opinion research firm and was a staffer in the Michigan legislature for 17 years. His legislative knowledge will be helpful in fighting for our budget priorities and ensuring the safety of students, employees, and guests on campus. He is a strong advocate of transparency and is committed to a $15 minimum wage for all MSU employees.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DennisDenno-web-320.jpghttps://dennisdenno.com/Statewidehttps://dennisdenno.com/1-4
Renee KnakeJeffersonMichigan State University TrusteeRenee Knake JeffersonChampion of change and reform for student successRenee was appointed as a Trustee by Governor Whitmer in 2019. She believes education should be affordable, accessible, and inclusive. Renee values academic freedom, campus safety, civility, diversity, equity, respect, sustainability, and transparency. She is running to continue working as a champion of change and reform for student success.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ReneeKnakeJefferson-web-320.jpghttps://www.trustjefferson.com/Statewidehttps://www.trustjefferson.com/1-4
DanielleAtkinsonWayne State Board of GovernorsDanielle AtkinsonTrusting educators, respecting students, and building the Wayne State community for everyone looking for a great education.Danielle has spent her professional career working on behalf of workers and families in Michigan and Florida. The founding director of Mothering Justice, she also has extensive experience as a church-based, electoral, and community organizer. A child of Jamaican immigrant parents, she understands firsthand the challenges of navigating a college experience independent of a family legacy.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DanielleAtkinson-web-320.jpghttps://www.facebook.com/AtkinsonforWayneStateStatewidehttps://www.facebook.com/AtkinsonforWayneState1-3
MarilynKellyWayne State Board of GovernorsMarilyn KellyHelping Wayne State University meet and exceed it potential as a great university.Marilyn is the Distinguished Jurist in Residence at the Wayne State University Law School where she teaches. She is a former Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court where she served for sixteen years, having been elected to the Court in 1996 and reelected in 2004. She has served as Chair and as a member of the Wayne State Board of Governors since 2015.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MarilynKelly-web-320.jpghttps://www.votemarilynkelly.com/Statewidehttps://www.votemarilynkelly.com/1-3
DebbieDingellUnited States House - District 6Debbie Dingell"Nothing matters more to me than the people I serve, and that’s why I make sure my constituents can talk to me directly about any issue on their mind whenever, wherever they want."(All of Washtenaw County)

Congresswoman Dingell has a record as a tenacious fighter for working men and women, a voice for young people and seniors, and an advocate for families trying to make ends meet. In her time in Washington, she has made progress for Michigan by working together across party lines on critical issues like lowering daily costs for American families, protecting our Great Lakes, improving our infrastructure, and creating jobs by supporting manufacturing and leveling the playing field for our workers.
https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DebbieDingell-web-320.jpghttps://debbiedingellforcongress.com/US Congresshttps://debbiedingellforcongress.com/10
SueShinkMichigan Senate - District 14Sue ShinkSue is running for State Senate to keep solving problems, improving people’s daily lives, and building a more inclusive, prosperous future for every Michigander who calls our great state home.A longtime advocate, conservationist, farmer, mom, and public servant, Sue Shink is an effective, solutions-oriented leader who gets things done. During her service as Chair of the Board of Commissioners, Washtenaw County has made historic progress on civil rights and lasting infrastructure investments such as broadband that will pay off for years to come. Sue is a proven fighter for our shared values and knows how to bring people together to help working people, students, and seniors.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/SueShink-web-320.jpghttps://votesueshink.com/State Legislaturehttps://votesueshink.com/11
JeffIrwinMichigan Senate - District 15Jeff IrwinJeff wants to build a better Michigan by putting people first and improving the quality of life for people in our great state.State Senator Irwin believes Michigan should have great schools in every zip code, protect clean water and clean air, and ensure equality for all people no matter where they are from, how they look, or who they love. He will fight for a fair economy for working people and against the poverty and racism that holds us back.

Former Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters; Washtenaw County Commissioner, 1999-2010; State Representative, 2011-2016; State Senator, 2019-present.
https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JeffIrwin-web-320.jpghttps://irwinforsenate.com/State Legislaturehttps://irwinforsenate.com/11
JasonMorganMichigan House - District 23Jason MorganPositive. Progressive. Problem Solver.Currently, Jason serves as a Washtenaw County Commissioner, and was elected to be the county’s first-ever LGBTQ chair in 2019. He also is currently a union educator at Washtenaw Community College.

Jason believes in a Michigan that works for everyone — one that protects our constitutional right to vote, maintains access to clean air and safe drinking water, supports our students and teachers, provides affordable and high-quality healthcare for all, and defends our reproductive rights.
https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JasonMorgan-web-320.jpghttps://www.votejasonmorgan.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.votejasonmorgan.com/12
ReggieMillerMichigan House - District 31Reggie MillerPeople over Politics.Along with serving 3 terms as Van Buren Trustee, Reggie has served as the board liaison for both the Senior Endowment Committee and the Elections Committee, former Vice-Chair of the Public Safety Committee, Executive Director of the National Strawberry Festival, Vice President of the Belleville DDA, and member of the League of Women Voters. She brings a compassionate approach to politics and prides herself on community involvement, advocacy, and common sense.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ReggieMiller-web-320.jpghttps://www.votereggiemiller.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.votereggiemiller.com/12
JimmieWilson JrMichigan House - District 32Jimmie Wilson JrQuality health care, safe housing, and a good education are human rights.Jimmie was elected Ypsilanti Township Trustee in 2016, and re-elected in 2020. He has served as UAW Local 898 Trustee since 2014. He is running on a platform of health care, including mental health care, education, and housing, because those are the foundations of thriving. Jimmie believes that good policy is inclusive of vulnerable people.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JimmieWilsonJr-web-320.jpghttps://www.jimmiewilsonjr.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.jimmiewilsonjr.com/12
Felicia BrabecMichigan House - District 33Felicia BrabecDelivering a more equitable Michigan for all. State Representative Felicia Brabec was elected to her first term in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2020. Prior to being elected to the State House, Felicia served as a Washtenaw County Commissioner for eight years. Representative Brabec is a mom, psychologist, and small business owner with a passion for mental health care, quality education, and access to clean air and water. She proudly sits on the House Appropriations Committee.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/FeliciaBrabec-web-320.jpghttps://www.feliciabrabec.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.feliciabrabec.com/12
CarrieRheingansMichigan House - District 47Carrie RheingansCarrie Rheingans is tested, proven, and fighting for healthy people, healthy families, and healthy communities.Carrie is a health policy expert, educator, and community organizer with decades of experience bringing people and organizations together to tackle complex systems issues that improve health and reduce disparities. Running on a platform of Healthy People, Healthy Families, and Healthy Communities, Carrie believes that we can create conditions for each and every one of us to thrive to the top of our potential.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/CarrieRheingans-web-320.jpghttps://www.carrierheingans.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.carrierheingans.com/12
JenniferConlinMichigan House - District 48Jennifer ConlinConlin for common sense.Jennifer is a Washtenaw County native. As a journalist, she spent decades listening to all sides, finding common ground, and amplifying voices — all important qualities of a good legislator. On the statewide agenda, she cares most about protecting citizens’ rights, particularly reproductive, voting, and LGBTQ rights. Locally, Jennifer wants to protect our environment, expand affordable, high-quality healthcare access, improve our aging infrastructure, and help working-class families recover from the pandemic.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JenniferConlin-web-320.jpghttps://www.conlinforstaterep.com/State Legislaturehttps://www.conlinforstaterep.com/12
JasonMaciejewskiCounty Commissioner - District 1Jason MaciejewskiAn effective and proven leader for western Washtenaw County.Jason is a leader in bringing broadband internet access to all county residents, is working to keep district court services in Chelsea, and has supported county climate initiatives. On Dexter Township's Board (2008-2016) he worked to build a fire sub-station and served on the recycling board. Jason is the CEO of a non-profit agency, delivering programs such as Meals-on-Wheels. He holds a B.A. and M.P.A. from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and lives in Dexter Twp with his wife Molly and their three kids.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JasonMaciejewski-web-320.jpghttps://www.jasonmaciejewski.comCountywidehttps://www.jasonmaciejewski.com13
CrystalLyteCounty Commissioner - District 2Crystal LyteCommunity. Education. Wellness.Crystal is committed to elevating the lives of Washtenaw County residents through community, education, and wellness. She will work to redefine and establish procedures for the county government and to ensure a balanced budget that works for the best interests of the citizens of the county. Crystal is a former career advisor in workforce development and a former educator.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/CrystalLyte-web-320.jpghttps://www.electcrystallyte.com/Countywidehttps://www.electcrystallyte.com/13
ShannonBeeman County Commissioner - District 3Shannon Beeman Building an equitable county through increased access to services, programs, and tools.Shannon Beeman has served on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners since 2019 because she wants to make a positive contribution – through time, effort and energy – to the county that has made a positive impact on her life. Shannon works alongside her fellow commissioners and local officials to protect our water, preserve our farmland, expand broadband access, improve critical infrastructure, increase healthcare access, develop affordable housing, advance DEI efforts and grow local businesses. https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ShannonBeeman-web-320.jpghttp://www.votebeeman.comCountywidehttp://www.votebeeman.com13
CarolineSandersCounty Commissioner - District 4Caroline SandersFighting for equity and speaking up for systematically muted voices!Caroline is a parent and grandmother with a history of creating programming and securing resources for women, children, seniors, and other vulnerable community members. She is an entrepreneur, holding several executive level board positions in various organizations. Caroline has thirty years of union and non-union employment and supervisory experience and is a non-traditional student, currently holding multiple degrees in business, technology, and higher education. Caroline is an advocate for women and voter's rights, labor, marginalized voices, and education.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/CarolineSanders-web-320.jpghttps://www.facebook.com/caroline4commissionerCountywidehttps://www.facebook.com/caroline4commissioner13
JustinHodgeCounty Commissioner - District 5Justin HodgeTogether, we can make Washtenaw County a land of opportunity for all.Justin is committed to public service. He has worked as a social worker – providing mental health services and services to build wealth in communities – and is now a professor – working to prepare students find solutions to address the most pressing problems impacting society. From investing in our Health Department, to committing funds to launch a county Children's Savings Accounts Program, Justin has worked tirelessly to ensure residents have access to the resources they need to thrive.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JustinHodge-web-320.jpghttps://www.votejustinhodge.comCountywidehttps://www.votejustinhodge.com13
AnnieSomervilleCounty Commissioner - District 6Annie SomervilleI am running for County Commission because Washtenaw County is the frontline for human services and Ypsilanti needs a commissioner focused on helping people.Annie has served on Ypsilanti City Council and as Chief of Staff to State Senator Jeff Irwin for the past three years. She works had to help people in Washtenaw County at both the local and state level, including working to assist constituents with navigating rent and utility relief, the Michigan unemployment system, and accessing vaccines and testing kits. Annie believes access to food, clean water, housing, and healthcare are fundamental human rights.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/AnnieSomerville-web-320.jpghttps://www.voteanniesomerville.comCountywidehttps://www.voteanniesomerville.com13
AndyLaBarreCounty Commissioner - District 7Andy LaBarreAn effective champion for human services.Since first being elected to the Board of County Commissioners in 2013, Andy has fought to strengthen the County’s human service capacity, particularly within the County Mental Health, Washtenaw County Health Department, and Office for Community and Economic Development. Jason authored the 2017 Mental Health and Public Safety millage and led its passage through the Board, and led or supported other numerous efforts, including 10-year labor contracts, reuse of the County’s former juvenile detention facility adjacent to County Farm Park, and more.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/AndyLaBarre-web-320.jpghttps://www.andylabarre.com/Countywidehttps://www.andylabarre.com/13
YousefRabhiCounty Commissioner - District 8Yousef RabhiAlways putting the People first! Currently serving as the House Democratic Floor Leader, Yousef has been a consistent voice for working families and the environment. He has sponsored landmark progressive legislation to force polluters to pay, proposals to create a single payer healthcare system, a public act expanding access to home solar, and bills to end corporate tax subsidies, among others. He previously served three terms on the Board of Commissioners and is now serving in his third term as Ann Arbor’s State Representative.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/YousefRabhi-web-320.jpghttps://www.voterabhi.comCountywidehttps://www.voterabhi.com13
KatieScottCounty Commissioner - District 9Katie ScottKatie Works for Us. Helping people is Katie’s ethos. As an ICU nurse, mom, public health student, and current County Commissioner, Katie believes in working in community to make our county more equitable, just, and vibrant. Katie stands for collective bargaining; health care for all; not just a living wage, but a thriving wage for workers; reproductive justice; policy that works to undo the ravages institutional racism; LGBTQ equality; and finding ways to address generational poverty.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/KatieScott-web-320.jpghttps://votekatiescott.comCountywidehttps://votekatiescott.com13
ChristopherTaylorAnn Arbor - MayorChristopher TaylorImproving Basic Services and Enhancing Quality of LifeServing as Mayor of Ann Arbor since 2014, Christopher’s top priorities have been improving basic services and enhancing quality of life. He believes that, over the last eight years, the city has made a lot of progress, but there is still work to do. If re- elected, Christopher will work to fast-track road spending and road repairs, modernize our Water Treatment Plant, expand composting and recycling, and keep our park and natural areas beautiful. Christopher will promote equity and sustainability, namely through launching an unarmed safety response program, building new affordable housing, expanding pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, rooftop-community solar, and, if affordable, a public utility.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ChristopherTaylor-web-320.jpghttps://taylorforannarbor.com/Localhttps://taylorforannarbor.com/14
CynthiaHarrisonAnn Arbor City Council - Ward 1Cynthia HarrisonWe have an opportunity to improve equity for all and advance our shared values in a way that makes the city a place where a everyone can thrive.Having raised a family here, Cynthia cares deeply about the well-being of our most vulnerable residents who struggle to thrive in our community due to inequities, stigma, or barriers to entry. She is committed to ensuring that Ann Arbor’s services reflect the needs and values of Ward One residents without leaving anyone behind: advancing sound stewardship of the city’s finances so that we can improve walkability, update our roads, expand our public transportation options, and meet our A2Zero goals.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/CynthiaHarrison-web-320.jpghttps://votecynthiaharrison.comLocalhttps://votecynthiaharrison.com15
ChrisWatsonAnn Arbor City Council - Ward 2Chris WatsonChris Watson is running for city council to ensure Ann Arbor remains the vibrant city he grew up in, implements policy that improves quality of life and upholds our values of diversity and inclusivity.Chris Watson is a graduate of Greenhills School and Yale University and works as a Bibliographic Specialist for the American Mathematical Society. At 17, he became Ward 2 Canvas Chair for the 2008 Obama Campaign. He currently serves on the board of Saint Andrew’s Church. Chris is running with three priorities: providing excellent services to city residents, improving affordability and access to housing in our community, and implementing policy to reach our climate responsibility goals.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ChrisWatson-web-320.jpghttps://www.votechriswatson.com/Localhttps://www.votechriswatson.com/15
Ayesha Ghazi Edwin Ann Arbor City Council - Ward 3Ayesha Ghazi Edwin I’m running to make Ann Arbor an exceptional place to live - for everyone. I’m running to make our city more affordable, equitable, and accessible. When she was three years old, Ayesha’s family immigrated to Ann Arbor, where she grew up and went to graduate school. After living in other parts of the state and starting a family, Ayesha moved back to Ann Arbor because she wanted to raise her kids in a city that is unapologetic about being inclusive. Ayesha has dedicated her career to progressive social justice causes. Today, she is the Deputy Director of a disability policy organization, an Ann Arbor Human Rights Commissioner, an adjunct faculty at U of M Social Work, and the Governor Whitmer-appointed Chair of Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/AyeshaGhaziEdwin-web-320.jpghttps://ayeshaforannarbor.comLocalhttps://ayeshaforannarbor.com15
DharmaAkmonAnn Arbor City Council - Ward 4Dharma AkmonProgressive, problem-solving public servant.Dharma is currently an elected trustee and VP of the Ann Arbor District Library Board, as well as T a research scientist at the University of Michigan’s Institute of Social Research. She has lived in Ann Arbor for 20 years and earned a PhD in Information from the University of Michigan. Dharma is running to bring good governance to city council and to ensure we have excellent city services, housing for people from all walks of life, and that we make tangible progress on our commitment to climate action through measures that improve our lives now.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DharmaAkmon-web-320.jpghttps://www.dharmafora2.com/Localhttps://www.dharmafora2.com/15
JennCornellAnn Arbor City Council - Ward 5Jenn CornellI am a progressive Democrat committed to increasing housing availability in Ann Arbor and advancing our carbon neutrality goals. Jenn Cornell has been part of the Ann Arbor community for over 20 years. She is a communications and public relations professional, and also an entrepreneur who founded and co-owned CrossFit Joust. In her free time, Jenn gives back by serving on the boards of the Ecology Center, Family Learning Institute, and Ann Arbor’s Main Street Area Association. She is also an A2Zero collaborator and a member of Washtenaw Community College’s Women’s Council.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JennCornell-web-320.jpghttps://a2jenn.org/Localhttps://a2jenn.org/15
ZachMichelsDexter - MayorZach MichelsVote for Zach to support good government, a sustainably vibrant Dexter, and public safety.Zach will support Good Government by always following the City Charter, developing a public engagement plan, and improving transparency. He will support a sustainably vibrant Dexter – fiscally, socially, and environmentally – by working with other Council members to include many voices for appointments, continuing the Housing Task Force, and adopting a climate action plan. Zach is committed to building a new public safety facility, adopting a rental inspection ordinance, and improving pedestrian safety to improve public safety.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ZachMichels-web-320.jpgLocal16
BrianMarlSaline - MayorBrian MarlThe more you know the facts, the more you know Brian Marl is just right as Mayor of Saline...Prior election as Mayor in 2012, Brian served four years on Saline City Council, and worked nearly twelve years in Lansing in various capacities in the Michigan House of Representatives. Brian worked in the offices of Representatives Angerer, Irwin, and Zemke. As Mayor, he has been a strong advocate for economic development/empowerment, policies that promote opportunity and inclusion, progressive public safety, and robust investment in our municipal infrastructure.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/BrianMarl-web-320.jpgLocal16.6
DeanGirbachSaline - City CouncilDean GirbachDean B Girbach, with a proven path of leadership, dedication, and commitmentDean is a tenured member of Saline City Council with nearly eighteen years of service, providing valuable continuity. He has a proven record of solutions and straightforward approach in effectively assessing issues with facts and questions: prioritizing reviewing organizational efficiency, stabilizing services, and planning for a growing community. Dean is focused on Council engagement, listening to citizen’s input, public safety, clean clear water, infrastructure, and keeping Saline attainable for young and life-long residents.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DeanGirbach-web-320.jpgLocal16.7
NicoleBrownYpsilanti - MayorNicole BrownGood policy is made in community with other people, and being proximate to the issues. Nicole is a social worker who is committed to empowering and supporting every individual she encounters. She follows a code of ethics that specifically speaks to dignity and worth of the person, social justice, service, and integrity. Nicole has been a member of Ypsilanti City Council since 2014. Nicole’s top priorities are: housing access, mental health and harm reduction, violence interruption and public safety, infrastructure and climate resiliency, re-entry support, and reproductive rights.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/NicoleBrown-web-320.jpghttps://www.facebook.com/nbforward1Localhttps://www.facebook.com/nbforward116.9
Me'ChelleKingYpsilanti City Council - Ward 1Me'Chelle KingKing For the Community, From the Community, In the Community.Me’Chelle is a lifelong resident of Ypsilanti, and is passionate about her city. She has been considered a helper all her life, and was encouraged by family and friends, from a young age, to pursue a career in social work. Me’Chelle began her education as a non-traditional student at Washtenaw Community College before transferring to Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in social work and then went on to obtain her master's degree in social work at the University of Michigan. SMe’Chelle is running for Ward 1 City council in Ypsilanti because she wants to serve her community. As a social worker, mother of five children, and Ypsilanti native, Me’Chelle is motivated to work with her community to increase opportunities for residents.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/Me'ChelleKing-web-320.jpgLocal17
DesiraeSimmonsYpsilanti City Council - Ward 3Desirae SimmonsWe must practice democracy and share decision-making within our government structures. Desirae is a community advocate, organizer, and activist who believes we need to center people over profit. She feels we need to have a real conversation about what safety means to us collectively and design our solutions to match that. Desirae believes everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live and the opportunity to grow their economic stability. Desirae wants to help the community thrive by working to determie how our public policies, spaces, and resources are shared.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DesiraeSimmons-web-320.jpghttps://www.desiraeforypsi.com/Localhttps://www.desiraeforypsi.com/17
KarlBarrDistrict Court Judge - District 14AKarl BarrRaising the Barr for the Justice System.Karl has been an assistant City Attorney for 22 years. If elected, criminal justice reform will be a priority that he will be deeply focused on. Karl believes the justice system can and must do better for communities, specifically communities of color. It is time for the era of mass incarceration to come to an end.

Karl supports programs to reduce recidivism through mental health services, training for judges and police, re-entry support, expungement, equitable sentencing, and community engagement.
ArianneSlayJudge of the Circuit Court - 22nd CircuitArianne SlayExperienced leadership. Progressive reforms. Community focused.Arianne is a current Ann Arbor City Attorney with a background in criminal justice reform, progressive prosecution, and support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. She believes that we need transparency in our courts - better data to know where we go wrong and how to fix it, as well as civil and criminal justice reforms, making our system more equitable and accessible. Justice should be equal, and it is time for judges who support rehabilitation, impartiality, and true justice reforms.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/ArianneSlay-web-320.jpghttps://www.slayforjudge.com/Localhttps://www.slayforjudge.com/19
LonnieScottDexter Township - TrusteeLonnie ScottHardworking people need hardworking, progressive elected officials to continue to fight for progressive values.Lonnie’s grandfather came to Michigan from Hazard, KY leaving behind his job as a coal miner to find work in the auto industry. Many members of his family were or are autoworkers, and Lonnie grew up knowing firsthand the importance of labor unions and hard work. Lonnie has served as the Executive Director of one of the largest progressive non-profits in the state, Progress Michigan, for the past nine years. During that time he has fought for better government transparency, progressive values such as paid sick time and increasing the minimum wage, and strong, fully-funded public schools.

Lonnie formerly worked in the Michigan legislature for progressive champions Alma Wheeler Smith and Jeff Irwin, and will bring his knowledge and expertise in public budgeting and a keen awareness of the importance of listening to constituents, if elected. Prior to moving to Dexter Township, Lonnie served as the elected chair of the Ypsilanti Township Park Commission, giving him experience running meetings using Robert's Rules of Order.
AmandaNimkeSylvan Township - ClerkAmanda NimkePreserve and Protect our Existing Communities and our Rural Character.Amanda was appointed to the position of Sylvan Township Clerk in June 2021, and has been a local small business owner for 20 years. Amanda believes our local government should be transparent and responsive to broad public input, where we prioritize preserving and protecting our existing communities, the rural character of the township, bringing high-speed reliable internet to every home, and solid planning policies to focus higher density growth in our underused sewer and water district near the City of Chelsea. Amanda knows that, together, we can move Sylvan Township forward.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/AmandaNimke-web-320.jpgamandaforsylvan.comLocalamandaforsylvan.com110
Kathleen KennedySylvan Township - SupervisorKathleen KennedyKeep Kennedy Sylvan Supervisor.Kathleen was appointed to the position of Sylvan Township Supervisor in 2021, after the newly-elected Supervisor resigned. Prior to this, Kathleen was Sylvan Township Clerk for eight years, having been appointed to the position in 2014, elected in 2016, and re-elected in 2020. Kathleen believes she is here to serve the people and has looked for ways to be transparent and open with Township processes and actions. Kathleen lives in Sylvan Township with her husband, Chris Basar, and our 4 children, and is a founding member of Agricole Farm Stop in Chelsea.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/KathleenKennedy-web-320.jpgLocal110
SusanBaskettAnn Arbor School Board - TrusteeSusan BaskettKeeping students and staff safe and successful.Susan is an Ann Arbor Public Shools graduate as well as the mother and grandmother of AAPS graduates and current students. Susan earned her BA in Sociology from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Marketing from Duke University. Susan has served 19 years on the Ann Arbor Board of Education, and is a past vice-president and committee chairperson. Susan will continue to keep students safe and successful, and is committed to fully participate in gathering input from the community on current and future work, especially in the area of DEI, Environmental Sustainability, and designing new schools.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/SusanBaskett-web-320.jpgLocal111
JeremyLaphamAnn Arbor School Board - TrusteeJeremy LaphamAs a parent, school-based nurse practitioner, educator, union executive and active community leader, I have the imagination, experience and political courage to deliver transformative change for our students and community.Jeremy’s goal is to transform Ann Arbor Public Schools to increase students’ opportunities so they may thrive in our city and beyond. As trustee, Jeremy will bring an understanding of what’s needed to make schools successful. He is the only candidate running who works with AAPS students, families, educators, and administrators in the school setting. Jeremy’s priorities include: Closing equity gaps; Preparing students for a modern global society; Evidence-based, socially-responsible improvement to infrastructure and curriculum.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JeremyLapham-web-320.jpgLocal111
RimaMohammadAnn Arbor School Board - TrusteeRima MohammadI am running for Ann Arbor Public School board because our schools are strongest when we foster community involvement through open communication, transparency and inclusiveness. Rima is running for Ann Arbor Public School Board because she believes schools are strongest when we foster community involvement through open communication, transparency, and inclusiveness. Rima is a faculty member at the University of Michigan and educator, clinician, and researcher for 16 years. She is a child of refugees who knows how racism and inequalities can impact BIPOC. Rima wants to address issues facing our schools surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion and antiracism, transparency, and curriculum.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/RimaMohammad-web-320.jpgLocal111
JacindaTownsend GidesAnn Arbor School Board - TrusteeJacinda Townsend GidesOur children are my priority.Endorsed by the Ann Arbor Education Association, Jacinda is a parent of two who has always served in her children's schools, whether as a board member of the Huron High PTSO or as an elected member of the board of the Monroe County Community Schools Corporation (in Bloomington, Indiana). As a veteran board member, Jacinda’s primary commitments have been preserving academic excellence and increasing equity between schools. Jacinda is most interested in bringing all voices to the table, and is an advocate for students of color, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, and students with special education needs.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JacindaTownsendGides-web-320.jpgLocal111
MichelleCraigChelsea School Board - TrusteeMichelle CraigTogether, helping every student succeed.Michelle is running for Chelsea School Board Trustee to ensure that, together, we're raising our youth to learn, grow, and develop into the next generation of leaders and innovators. Michelle’s education and experiences have taught me how to listen and collaborate with others to produce the best possible outcomes. Her priorities include: ensuring students have a well-rounded education; providing a safe & accessible learning environment; and supporting teachers/staff/administrators so students can succeed and thrive.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MichelleCraig-web-320.jpghttps://www.michelleforchelsea.com/Localhttps://www.michelleforchelsea.com/111
GlennFoxChelsea School Board - TrusteeGlenn FoxOur success relies on the strength of community and through honest efforts, civil communication, and mutual support, we can go farther, do more together, and be stronger - together.Glenn is a faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School with 20 years of teaching and administrative experience. He believes in public education and in the power of diverse and inclusive communities. Glenn understands that we must restore humanity to discourse though kind, honest, and empathetic communication, and through listening to stakeholders, evaluating evidence critically, listening to experts, and developing consensus.

Glenn’s professional experience involves productively working with people and stakeholders of various backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. He has a proven record of administrative success, especially in high-level curriculum coordination, curriculum design, collaborative teaching, and organizational success. Glenn will work to support teachers and administration so that they may focus on students.
KateHensonChelsea School Board - TrusteeKate HensonListening and Collaborating TogetherKate’s time as a substitute teacher with the Chelsea Schools has given her a good look at how our students are learning, the joy our staff brings to their schools, and how our district operates as a whole. As the Director of Programs for General Systems, Kate is passionate about and dedicated to helping leaders and organizations successfully implement and sustain change in the areas of organizational, team, and leadership development. She created and facilitates two programs for women and girls focused on leadership, influence, and assertiveness. Kate’s background will guide her recommendations and decisions as a board member. She will strive to ensure that our teachers, students, and staff have a warm and inviting environment to work and learn in that supports students from all walks of life, fosters empathy and understanding for each other and the world around us, and proactively addresses issues to ensure continued success for our district.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/KateHenson-web-320.jpghttps://www.katehensonforchelseaschools.com/Localhttps://www.katehensonforchelseaschools.com/111
DanielAlabreDexter Community Schools Board - TrusteeDaniel AlabreCommitment to public education and truth for a stronger community.As a first generation bi-racial American, Daniel understands and supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Daniel was the first in his family to graduate from college and served our country for 27+ years as an Army officer. Prior to being appointed to the Dexter Board of Education to fill a vacancy in 2021, Daniel served as a Community Member of the DCS BOE Financial Committee and on the DEI Committee. Daniel is dedicated to supporting a safe and secure environment, not only in the physical sense but where diversity can flourish and not be attacked by national interest groups. He believes in funding quality education and teachers through sharing ideas and facts, not censoring books and thoughts.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/DanielAlabre-web-320.jpgLocal111
MelanieSzawaraDexter Community Schools Board - TrusteeMelanie SzawaraSupporting Students, Parents and EducatorsMelanie is a longtime Dexter resident and graduate with deep family roots in the community. Melanie is a family law attorney, operating MKS Law, PLLC in Dexter, and is an active community member, serving on the board of the Dexter Community Fund and Dexter Wrestling Club. Melanie was appointed to the Dexter Board of Education in 2021 and has served the community for the past year in this role. Melanie believes in promoting respect and responsibility through education. Melanie’s goals are to work hard, listen to the community, and focus on making the best decisions for the students.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MelanieSzawara-web-320.jpgLocal111
MatthewBentleyLincoln Consolidated School Board - TrusteeMatthew BentleyA Positive Voice for our Children.Matthew has served as a member of the Lincoln Consolidated Schools School Board since being appointed to an open seat in May of 2021, and is now running for a six-year term. Matthew has been a teacher in the Livonia Public Schools for 24 years and hopes to continue to bring his experience as a teacher to best meet the needs of the students and staff within Lincoln Consolidated Schools.

Matthew has lived in the Lincoln community for almost 20 years and is the father of three Lincoln Consolidated Schools students. He has been active in the community as a school volunteer and has coached numerous youth sports. Matthew has spent the year plus that he has served on the Lincoln School Board working hard to build positive relationships with the staff and current board members and looks forward to continuing to work with the other board members to do great things for Lincoln.
JasonMooreLincoln Consolidated School Board - TrusteeJason MooreLet's go to workJason was appointed to the Lincoln Consolidated School Board in June 2021 and has spent the last 12+ months working to get acclimated to what has already been established, what the issues are, and how the current administration is working to resolve problems. He is now running for a 6-year term in order to continue to help create an atmosphere of trust, appreciation, transparency, and growth within the Lincoln Consolidated School district and surrounding communities. Jason has lived in the area for the past thirteen years and his two sons are current students in the district. Jason believes in being part of the solution and is committed to helping continue to grow and improve the Lincoln Consolidated School District.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/JasonMoore-web-320.jpgLocal111
SaraMerayMilan Area Schools Board - TrusteeSara MerayEquity, Inclusion, ProgressSara Meray has a wide array of experience in education, from 15 years of teaching experience to her current role as an instructional coach. She is dedicated to serving students both in the classroom and beyond. Ms. Meray has served as a union representative for the Milan Education Association, coached extra-curricular activities, and currently volunteers with ARC Milan, a non-profit advocacy group. Ms. Meray is eager to continue serving her community as a board trustee for Milan Area Schools.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/SaraMeray-web-320.jpgLocal111
BettyRosen-LeacherMilan Area Schools Board - TrusteeBetty Rosen-LeacherCreating Exceptional Opportunities for AllBetty is a retired educator with 25+ years of experience. She believes we must ensure all of our students have exceptional opportunities to discover what drives them to succeed. Her highest priority is to provide students with these opportunities. Betty understands that we must work with our faculty, staff, and the community with civility, respect, and integrity. She also believes we must ensure that we provide for all students and find equitable solutions to meet the challenges our most marginalized students face.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/BettyRosen-Leacher-web-320.jpgLocal111
Lauren Gold Saline School Board - TrusteeLauren Gold Vote for Dr. Lauren, a pragmatic problem solver who will always put kids first. Lauren is a pediatrician, a mom of three, and a volunteer at Saline Schools. As a member of the Saline Areas Schools Board of Education, Lauren will work to continue the progress made on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives as well as the tradition of academic excellence in the school district. Lauren supports a future-focused curriculum that prepares our students to compete in our ever-evolving world, investment in our schools, and steadfast support for our professional public-school educators. Lauren believes that Students and educators deserve a safe, supportive, and civil learning environment.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/LaurenGold-web-320.jpgLocal111
KristinHoffman-PeavlerSaline School Board - TrusteeKristin Hoffman-PeavlerEVERY STUDENT, EVERY DAYKristin is a mom of two Saline Area Schools students, a musician, a nurse, a volunteer, and changemaker. She works to listen first then act, and leads to help our kids be healthy, happy, and safe. Kristin believes in forward-thinking and forward motion toward better whole-child outcomes, and will advocate for teachers and staff. Kristin understands that the school board must model its mission for our students and district; that despite and because of our differences, we advocate for all in our care, toward an equitable future of excellence in education.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/KristinHoffman-Peavler-web-320.jpghttps://www.votekristinhp.com/donateLocalhttps://www.votekristinhp.com/donate111
MichaelMcVeySaline School Board - TrusteeMichael McVeyExpertise and experience working for you and your children.As a professor of Teacher Education at Eastern Michigan University, Michael brings a depth of understanding of what it means to teach and learn in a modern classroom. Michael has also served as Interim Senior International Officer and Acting Director of the Graduate School at EMU. Before entering higher education, he taught high school (English and Special Education) for almost 20 years. He also serves on the Board of Directors for ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) and is President of the Washtenaw Association of School Boards.

As a member of the Saline Area Schools Board of Education, Michael has worked with the board to create policies to protect our most vulnerable students, especially Transgender and Non-Binary Students. He has strived to ensure that we do not overlook DEI efforts by developing a standing community-driven committee. Michael has also advocated for increased funding for schools at both the state and national level.
SharonLeeYpsilanti Community Schools Board - TrusteeSharon LeeDon't make them feel like a burden... Make them feel like a purpose!!!Sharon currently serve as Vice-President and have served on the Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education for eight years. She is dedicated, passionate, and committed to the community, our students and our district.

Sharon will continue lifting up the outstanding work of YCS to attract and retain students and families, advocate for equity in education and funding in our schools, and work collaboratively with fellow board members and the superintendent to advance the educational goals and priorities of Ypsilanti Community Schools.
MeredithSchindlerYpsilanti Community Schools Board - TrusteeMeredith SchindlerExperienced leadership for inclusive, equitable schools.Meredith has served on the Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education since January, 2015. In that time, the district has moved from distress to stability, and is now thriving as it looks to the future. Meredith feels she has been privileged to work as part of team on the school board, working through various points of view as a coherent, highly effective board that has prioritized policies to increase equity, inclusion, and a joyful school experience for students, teachers, administrators, and staff. Meredith is proud of the work that has been done by the YCS board, and is looking forward to continuing it in the coming years.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/MeredithSchindler-web-320.jpgLocal111
M Jeanice TownsendYpsilanti Community Schools Board - TrusteeM Jeanice TownsendEvery scholar will find in Ypsilanti Community Schools a place where they belong and where their identity as learners is cultivated with equity, opportunity, and excellence.M Jeanice Townsend is a proud native of Ypsilanti who has devoted herself to the schools in the capacities of a student, parent, and community partner. As an Ypsilanti Community Schools board member, she is working to: Create equitable policies that will increase academic excellence; Work with legislators to reform school funding and reduce the districts’ debt; Improve our literacy rates; Continue to be accessible and improve engagement between the district and community.

Townsend has volunteered and helped on the annual Realtor’s Virtual Breakfast, the Challenge for Change Expo, and Divine Nine Scholarship Informational, and has helped create additional scholarship opportunities for YCS students, while providing business and financial literacy training. She currently is the owner of Realty Experts, LLC Townsend & Associates, LLC.

As a YCS board member, Townsend wants to continue to give back to the children the same enrichments she was provided as a student, including a sense of belonging, identity, values, respect, guidance, resiliency and pride.
CatherineHadleyAnn Arbor District Library - TrusteeCatherine HadleyThe library is the city's heart and I want to encourage greater accessibility and growth for all citizens.Catherine is an Ann Arbor native, a Truman Scholar, and a mother of two young children. As a lifelong library cardholder, Cat is passionate about the importance of library access for all citizens and its essential role in creating connection and community. As a student at the University of Michigan, Cat became a Truman Scholar in 2021. She is an award-winning community organizer and activist, earning the Rosalie Ginsberg Dedicated Community Service Award in 2021 and the MLK Spirit Award in 2022. Her group, Hungry For Justice MI, helped get SB 1006 passed, which removed the felony ban for SNAP in Michigan. She is the Vice President of Michigan Caregivers and Student Parents, working to increase childcare availability on campus and Washtenaw County. She interned with the Michigan Women's Commission, various electoral campaigns, the Patriotic Millionaires, and recently for the Lt. Governor of Michigan Garlin Gilchrist.

Catherine’s priorities for the library board are to help make Ann Arbor a beacon of progressive services within the nation. The library is one of the last spaces that all people can access regardless of income during a time of increased income inequality, and Catherine believes we must find ways to champion the use of services for all.
JimLeijaAnn Arbor District Library - TrusteeJim LeijaJim has devoted his professional career to building community around arts and culture, and increasing access to and participation in the arts for all members of our community.Jim Leija was first elected to the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees in 2014, and is currently serving his second term. For the past two years, Jim has been AADL President and assisted the library through two important transitions: the retirement of beloved longterm director Josie Parker, and the hiring of new director Eli Neiburger after a national search process.

Jim has devoted his professional career to building community around arts and culture, and increasing access to and participation in the arts for all members of our community. Since September 2019, he's been the Deputy Director for Public Experience and Learning at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA); before UMMA, he worked at the University Musical Society (UMS) for 11+ years and served as Director of Education and Community Engagement. Jim holds three degrees from the University of Michigan: a master of fine arts in art and design, bachelor of arts in sociology, and a bachelor of fine arts in musical theatre. As a queer Latinx person, Jim draws great inspiration from BIPOC and queer artists who are forging creative pathways in the arts.
AidanSovaAnn Arbor District Library - TrusteeAidan SovaAidan Sova is a young and progressive leader who aims to utilize his non-traditional background to champion the underserved.Aidan Sova was raised in a single parent, low-income household, where he greatly benefitted from the community programming and access to information provided by his local library system. At the University of Michigan, he led the Association of Big Ten Students as its Executive Director. Now, Aiden works as a Solutions Consultant at Google and serves as a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Ann Arbor, Emerging Leaders Council Member of the Legal Services Corporation, and Board Member at Grow Jackson. Aiden is also a part-time Master of Liberal Arts student at the University of Pennsylvania, winner of the University of Michigan MLK Spirit Award, and has been named the State of Michigan's Youth Volunteer of the Year, as well as the City of Jackson's Youth Citizen of the Year. As a member of the Ann Arbor District Library Board, Aiden would focus on sustaining the library’s community programming and creating strategic partnerships to benefit the underserved.https://washtenawdems.org/vgpix/AidanSova-web-320.jpghttps://sovaahadleya2.com/Localhttps://sovaahadleya2.com/112
2023-12-15 15:36:47 Thomas Knox

State Proposal 2

Endorsed by the WCDP!A YES vote for Promote the Vote guarantees an individual Constitutional right to vote and protects the integrity and security of our elections. It establishes 9 days of early voting, requires accessible drop boxes and streamlines absentee voting, with more time for military and overseas voters to get their ballots in. Learn more ↗️

State Proposal 3

Endorsed by the WCDP!A YES vote for Reproductive Freedom for All ensures a Constitutional right to make and carry out decisions without political interference about all matters relating to pregnancy, including birth control, abortion, prenatal care, and childbirth. Learn more ↗️

Ann Arbor City Proposal 1 – Climate Action

A YES vote for Proposal 1 will amend the Charter to authorize a tax up to 1 mills to fund community climate action for 2023 through 2043, which will raise in the first year of levy the estimated revenue of $6,800,000? In accordance with State law, a portion of the millage may be subject to capture by the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority and the Washtenaw County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

Authorized uses include: year-round composting; expanded residential/multifamily recycling; community and rooftop solar programs; rental and low-income household energy programs; bicycle, pedestrian and transit infrastructure; neighborhood resource centers; electric vehicle infrastructure; and tree plantings.

✅ State Proposals listed are endorsed by the Washtenaw County Democratic Party.
✅ Ann Arbor City Proposal 1 is endorsed by the WCDP Executive Board. It was not part of the endorsement vote of the full membership.
Find out more about how, when, and where you can vote early, by mail, in person, or on election day!
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