It is with deep sadness that we received news this past week that Ypsilanti City Councilmember Peter Murdock passed away. His loss will be felt by many including his wife Grace and his other family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in the days and months ahead.

The following tribute was posted on Facebook by County Commissioner Ricky Jefferson. It captures our feelings so perfectly that we asked Ricky if we could share it with our membership and he has graciously agreed.

Pete Murdock–The Honorable Peter J. Murdock

Councilmember, City of Ypsilanti 

The Man, The Mayor, The Mentor

My friend William Simmons and I would greet Pete with respect to his political prowess by addressing him as “The Wizard.” No one has efficiently served Ypsilanti, or has affected city government as long or with such genuine dedication as Mr. Murdock. Pete and Grace together would always make themselves known and would reach out to everyone who had an interest in the activities of Ypsilanti. Whether it was discussing governing policies or supporting a family issue, Pete would share the community insight and expertise that he possessed to help cover all of the intricate aspects of an issue which could lead to a better outcome. Pete’s counsel was sought after by aspiring politicians looking for sound advice on campaigning or historical information on longstanding issues.

A kind and gentle man, Pete would not impose his will in an attempt to oppose those who may have had a different opinion. What he would do was listen to the pros and cons, expound on all the facts, give his honest opinion, and proceed to make his case. The political intelligence Pete used to make tough decisions was fueled less by speculation and driven mostly by diligent research. He gave all he could give as a faithful public servant. He gave his utmost loyalty to Grace and he gave his best to all of us who gleaned from his wisdom. He was a gatekeeper of the welfare and the interest of the citizens of Ypsilanti.

Pete’s death signals the end of a generational era that links us to past political giants upon whose shoulders we stand to help us govern by reaching for greater heights of integrity, dignity and servanthood to all residents of this great city.

Your presence will be greatly missed, but your work lives on. Rest well, my friend!!! Well done!!!

Grace, thank you for sharing Pete with us. You have our heartfelt sympathies and I pray for God to comfort your heart, bring peace to your mind and strength to your spirit in the difficult days ahead.”