The fight to decommission Line 5, a Canadian-owned oil and gas pipeline, has ratcheted up. This 50-year-old line puts Michigan’s Great Lakes, as well as 640 miles of irreplaceable wetlands, farmlands and inhabited areas, at increasing risk with each passing month. After the resounding victory of Attorney General Dana Nessel and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, both of whom campaigned on the promise to retire this line, lobbyists and pressure groups from Enbridge and their supporters are putting tremendous pressure on legislators and on County Commissions throughout Michigan.

We can help counter this by joining a phone bank to inform voters in other counties, and by joining Rep. Yousef Rabhi in building a “war chest” – the Protect Our Great Lakes PAC– to help the lobbyists WE need, to inform Lansing legislators of the facts and the urgency of shifting Michigan to a clean and green economy.

The Washtenaw County Commission is firm in its support of decommissioning, but many other counties are swayed by Enbridge’s insistence that there is no alternative to the (very minimal) propane it supplies to the UP, and its arguments that it is safe, and will provide good jobs in building the tunnel and the replacement. The facts belie this argument. Andrea Pierce, chair of the Anishinaabek Caucus, has provided a detailed rebuttal of the resolution passed by Grand Traverse County. You can consult it under Files on the Caucus Facebook page.

A recent report by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, How A County-By-County Push
Is Boosting Enbridge’s Line 5
, shows how Enbridge has enlisted the Michigan Association of Counties to push for support for the tunnel project, which would allow the line to keep operating for at least 10 years in its current dangerous state. They have already gotten 5 counties to support resolutions in favor. To read the Michigan Campaign Finance Network’s new report on a county-by-county effort to support Line 5, follow this link.

Attorney General Dana Nessel has sued for decommissioning on the grounds of irregularities in the original easement. More info soon on the progress on this.