About Us

The Washtenaw County Democratic Party (WCDP) is an organization committed to supporting Democratic Party efforts in Washtenaw County, our state, and across the country.


We are deeply concerned about the direction our country is taking, especially now. Many of the things we see happening on the national level were tested right here in Michigan, to the detriment of our students, teachers, public servants, and all citizens. Washtenaw Dems are mobilized and working to win back the state, with our 83 county strategy. No matter how red a county is, we want to help them get out every possible Democratic vote.

The hope that Washtenaw County could become a force for activism is becoming a reality due to the hard work, passion and dedication of volunteers. Chris Savage

Washtenaw County Democratic Party Chair

WCDP success flows from individual committees!

Like the Precinct Organizing Committee who, following 2014, created comprehensive training for volunteers, and coordinated with state and national parties. They helped make Washtenaw County the bluest county in the state and increased the percentage of Democratic voters in 2016, while the national trend went the other way. They continue to work to ensure high voter turnout, prevent voter suppression, and train our volunteers.

Our Legislative Affairs Committee has worked diligently to energize our base and keep voters’ voices in the ears of representatives across the state, especially in Lansing. We have made tens of thousands of phone calls to fellow citizens and representatives, successfully preventing a number of highly destructive bills and helping to pass some of the best with our support.

While national campaigns come and go, WCDP is always here to protect Michiganders. There is always more work to be done! We worked hard in 2018 and we see the results, with Governor Whitmer, Lt. Governor Gilchrist, Secretary of State Benson, and Attorney General Nessel about to take the reins. Conservatives are now ramming through new legislation to gut representation, make it harder for regular people to serve in government, to hamstring citizen initiatives and to suppress the vote. We must redouble our efforts, to keep our second Senate seat and re-balance the legislature.

Join us, not just to stop these toxic elements, but to help make a positive difference to 350,000 Washtenaw County residents, 10 million Michiganders, and 320 million Americans.