County Committee 

Providing County-Wide Oversight

The County Committee Explained
The WCDP County Committee is currently made up of 72 total members. One-third of the Committee (24 members) automatically consist of the most recent nominees for countywide office and the county commission, State House, State Senate, and U.S. House whose districts include all or part of the County. Two-thirds of the Committee (48 members) are elected at a County Convention from regions of the county, with representation apportioned according to each region’s voting performance in the most recent presidential election. The County Committee meets four times a year at regularly scheduled meetings.

County Convention

The County Convention is held every even-numbered year no more than 20 days after the November elections for the purpose of electing County Committee members and considering any resolutions, bylaws changes, and other business presented by members.

For more detailed information about Executive Committee and County Committee membership, see our bylaws.

Regional Members (Elected)

RegionsGovernmental Unit(s)MembersSeats
NorthwestChelsea City (2), Lima Twp. (2), Lyndon Twp. (1), Sylvan Twp. (1)Vincent Elie, Thomas Knox2
SouthwestBridgewater Twp. (1), Freedom Twp. (1), Manchester Twp. (2), Sharon Twp. (1)Jennifer Fairfield1
North CentralDexter City (3), Dexter Twp. (3), Webster Twp. (3)Kevin Vrsek, Kim Aiken, Rachel Tocco3
CentralLodi Twp. (3), Scio Twp. (8)Brian Greminger, Caroline Hejkal, Lisa Pappas, Marla Linderman Richelew4
SoutheastMilan City (1), Saline City (4), Augusta Twp. (3), Saline Twp. (1), York Twp. (3)Monique Hunter, Ryan Carnovsky, Vacancy3
NortheastAnn Arbor Twp. (2), Northfield Twp. (3), Salem Twp.(3), Superior Twp. (5)Michelle Deatrick, Sharon Simonton, Marta Larson, Harrison Parker4
Ypsilanti CityWards 1-3 (10)Leaha Dotson, Justin Harper2
Ypsilanti Twp., NorthPrecincts 1-8, 11 (9)Morgan Foreman, Tad Wysor, Marion Hoey3
Ypsilanti Twp., SouthPrecincts 9-10, 12-20 (10)Kristin Howard, Andrea Pierce, Darius Randolph, Alyshia Dyer4
Pittsfield Twp.Precincts 1-13 (13)Kathy Wyatt, Audrey Anderson, Michael Hagan, Krystle DuPree, Carol Polverini5
Ann Arbor City, Ward 1Precincts 1-12 (12)Anne Bannister, Jonathan Levine, Ed Saunders3
Ann Arbor City, Ward 2Precincts 13-21 (9)Jeff Halter, Cristine Howe, Ben Galicki3
Ann Arbor City, Ward 3Precincts 22-30 (9)Stephen C. Brown, Rosanita Ratcliff, Michael Koen3
Ann Arbor City, Ward 4Precincts 31-41 (11)Bill Lockwood, Caroline Nathans, Eli Nathans, Kathe McPhail4
Ann Arbor City, Ward 5Precincts 42-53 (12)Cheryl Sibilsky, Lawrence Harbison, Jeremy Lapham, Kelly Tebay Zemke4

At-large Members (Automatic)

OfficeNomineeElection Year
United States Representative in Congress, District 6Debbie Dingell2022
Michigan State Senator, District 14Sue Shink2022
Michigan State Senator, District 15Jeff Irwin2022
Michigan State Representative, District 23Jason Morgan2022
Michigan State Representative, District 31Reggie Miller2022
Michigan State Representative, District 32Jimmie Wilson, Jr.2022
Michigan State Representative, District 33Felicia Brabec2022
Michigan State Representative, District 46Maurice Imhoff2022
Michigan State Representative, District 47Carrie Rheingans2022
Michigan State Representative, District 48Jennifer Conlin2022
Washtenaw County Clerk / Register of DeedsLawrence Kestenbaum2020
Washtenaw County TreasurerCatherine McClary2020
Washtenaw County Prosecuting AttorneyEli Savit2020
Washtenaw County Water Resources CommissionerEvan N. Pratt2020
Washtenaw County SheriffJerry L. Clayton2020
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 1Jason Maciejewski2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 2Crystal Lyte2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 3Shannon Beeman2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 4Caroline L. Sanders2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 5Justin D. Hodge2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 6Annie Somerville2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 7Andy LaBarre2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 8Yousef Rabhi2022
Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 9Katie Scott2022