The Executive Board

The Engine of the Party

The Executive Board Explained

The Executive Board is the engine that drives the Washtenaw County Democratic Party. While elections are important, there is work that needs to be done all year long to strengthen our communities, train organizers, hold legislators accountable, and support other organizations that represent our Democratic values.

The 24 leaders on WCDP’s Executive Board meet at least monthly to coordinate and direct the activities of the organization and the ongoing efforts of the WCDP’s army of volunteers. Executive Board members are elected by the County Committee at the end of each even-numbered year.

   WCDP Executive Board Positions  


 ● 4 “Statutory” Officers

Chair, Theresa Reid  (

Vice Chair, Justin Hodge  (

○ Treasurer, Andrew Groat  (

○ Secretary, Josephine Rood  (

 ● 2 Chairs of Voting Caucuses

Black Caucus – grows African American participation in the WCDP, recruiting Black candidates, generating community empowerment, and forming policies to improve education, public transportation, health care resources, and crime prevention in our communities.

Chair, Caroline Sanders  (

Western Washtenaw Caucus – ensures that small towns and rural areas in the western part of Washtenaw County are well-represented in WCDP leadership and programs.

Chair,  Jennifer Fairfield  (

 ● 18 Co-Chairs of 9 Standing Committees

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   Standing Committees 


Interested in volunteering for a committee?  Contact our volunteer coordinator, Sharon Simonton, at

Administrative Affairs – oversees and runs the office, ensuring that safe, clean, comfortable space is available to the WCDP and partner organizations.

     Doug Scott and Rae Ann Weymouth, co-chairs;

Communications – creates and coordinates communications for the WCDP, including the website, the newsletter, press releases, social media, and public relations.

    Tom Knox and Rosanita Ratcliff, co-chairs; 

Events – organizes several social events annually that are affordable and accessible to members living in different areas of the county.

    Susan Baskett and Crystal Lyte, co-chairs;

Fundraising – raises the funds that pay for all of our work.

    Michelle Davis and Jeff McGrew, co-chairs;

Membership – manages and grows WCDP membership database, places and supports volunteers in satisfying Party roles.

    Liz Schafer and Sharon Simonton, co-chairs;

Outreach & Community Engagement – increases involvement of diverse community members and groups, and spearheads selected “Dems Care” service projects.

    Mary Hall-Thiam and Kathy Wyatt, co-chairs;

Precinct Organizing – recruits and trains organizers to network in their own neighborhoods and elsewhere in the county to improve voter engagement, registration, and turnout.

    Janet Cannon and Ed Saunders, co-chairs;

Programs – organizes and produces programs related to issue advocacy and voter education, including the monthly general meeting and candidate forums.

    Lauretta Codrington and Eli Nathans, co-chairs;

Visiblity – raises awareness by organizing WCDP presence at events, markets, and parades countywide.

    Vince Elie and Diane Massell, co-chairs;