Executive Committee 

Providing County-Wide Oversight

The Executive Committee Explained
The WCDP Executive Committee is made up of 66 total members. One-third of the Committee (22 members) automatically consist of the most recent nominees for countywide office and the county commission, State House, State Senate, and U.S. House whose districts include all or part of the County. Two-thirds of the Committee (44 members) are elected at a County Convention from regions of the county, with representation apportioned according to each region’s voting performance in the most recent presidential election. The Executive Committee meets four times a year at regularly scheduled meetings.

WCDP Executive Committee, 2018-2020

Regional Members (44)
District Government Units Members
 Central Ann Arbor City, Ward 1

Bill Worzel

Mary Hall-Thiam

Suby Raman

 Central Ann Arbor City, Ward 2

Theresa Reid

Liz Fried

Ned Staebler

 Central Ann Arbor City, Ward 3

Susan Baskett

Stephen Brown

Lucas Cole

 Central Ann Arbor City, Ward 4

Gabe Gurulé

Steve Gulick

Jen Eyer

 Central Ann Arbor City, Ward 5

Rae Ann Weymouth

Josephine Rood

Gus Teschke

Peter Ways

North Central

Dexter City, Northfield Township,

Scio Township, Webster Township

Marta Larson

Jeremy Glick

Rachel Tocco

Tanya Reza

Ayman Khafagi


Ann Arbor Township,

Salem Township,

Superior Township

Tom Brennan

Lynne Rose

Rebecca Lazarus


Chelsea City, Dexter Township,

Lima Township, Lyndon Township,

Sylvan Township

Chris Justice

Susan Gannon

John Gannon

Pittsfield Township Pittsfield Township

Bryan Johnson

Christina Lirones

Kathy Wyatt

Michael Briggs


Augusta Township, Milan City,

York Township

James Smith

Robert Kullberg


Bridgewater Township, Freedom Township,

Manchester Township, Sharon Township,

Saline Township, Lodi Township,

Saline City

Jennifer Fairfield

Barb Fuller

Lauren Gold

Ypsilanti City Ypsilanti City

Desirae Simmons

Kerri Pepperman

Ypsilanti Township Ypsilanti Township

Jeffrey Taite

Heather Roe

Tajalli Hodge

Justin Hodge

Monica Ross-Williams

Jimmie Wilson, Jr.


WCDP Executive Committee, 2018-2020

At-Large Members (22)
Office Nominee (Election)
U.S. Congress, District 7 Gretchen Driskell (2018)
U.S. Congress, District 12 Debbie Dingell (2018)
Michigan Senate, District 18 Jeff Irwin (2018)
Michigan Senate, District 22 Adam Dreher (2018)
Michigan Representative, District 52 Donna Lasinski (2018)
Michigan Representative, District 53 Yousef Rabhi (2018)
Michigan Representative, District 54 Ronnie D. Peterson (2018)
Michigan Representative, District 55 Rebekah Warren (2018)
Clerk/Register of Deeds Lawrence Kestenbaum (2016)
Water Resources Commissioner Evan Pratt (2016)
Prosecuting Attorney Brian L. Mackie (2016)
Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton (2016)
Treasurer Catherine McClary (2016)
County Commissioner, District 1 Jason Maciejewski (2018)
County Commissioner, District 2 Sue Shink (2018)
County Commissioner, District 3 Shannon Beeman (2018)
County Commissioner, District 4 Felicia Brabec (2018)
County Commissioner, District 5 Ruth Ann Jamnick (2018)
County Commissioner, District 6 Ricky Jefferson (2018)
County Commissioner, District 7 Andy LaBarre (2018)
County Commissioner, District 8 Jason Morgan (2018)
County Commissioner, District 9 Katie Scott (2018)