The Executive Board

The People Steering the Ship

The Executive Board Explained
Members of the WCDP Executive Board, referred to as “Officers,” are appointed by the Executive Committee. The Officers of the Board include the four Statutory Officers, the Vice-Chairs of the Standing Committees, and the Chair of the WCDP Black Caucus. The Executive Board is an administrative body that helps coordinate and make decisions about the activities of the twelve standing committees and the ongoing efforts of the WCDP’s army of volunteers. Board members meet at least once per month or at the discretion of the Chair.

Statutory Officers

Position Name Email address
Chair Chris Savage
Vice-Chair Mary Hall-Thiam
Treasurer Doug Scott
Secretary Josephine Rood

Committee Vice Chairs

Committee Vice Chair Email address
Precinct Organizing Theresa Reid
  Steve Gutterman
  Janet Cannon
Fundraising Jeff McGrew
  Christine Stead
Programs Satish Ramade
  Eli Nathans
Communications Greg Hafer
Outreach Kathy Wyatt
  Krystle DuPree
Membership Gabe Gurulé
Visibility Karen Kostamo
Resolutions, Bylaws, & Policy Eli Savit
  Liano Sharon
Legislative Programs Justin Hodge
  Cheryl Sibilsky
Social Media Allie Van Zoeren
Social Events Tom Brennan
  Robert Joerg
Administrative Affairs Rae Ann Weymouth
  Susan Baskett
WCDP Black Caucus Chair Jimmie Wilson, Jr.