Standing Committees 

The Engine of the Party

Standing Committees Stand Strong All Year Long
The 12 Standing Committees are the engine that drives the Washtenaw County Democratic Party. While elections are important, there is work that needs to be done all year long to strengthen our communities, train organizers, hold legislators accountable, and support other organizations that represent Democratic values. Click on the name of a committee below to see what kind of work they do for the WCDP and if you would be interested in donating your time and skills to support that committee.

Administrative Affairs

The Administrative Affairs Committee oversees and runs the office, managing both its resources and staffing. They coordinate our office and ensure that it is available to the WCDP and our community partners, for work and community.

Resolutions and Bylaws

The Resolutions, By-Law, and Policy Committee offers direction via the bylaws when problems or questions arise. They work to ensure that the WCDP bylaws are aligned with the MDP and the values of Washtenaw County Democrats.


The Membership Committee works to increase the number of official members in the WCDP through recruitment campaigns as well as active participants through their volunteer coordinating.


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for raising the funds that pay for all of the things the other 11 committees are doing in addition to the bills associated with the WCDP office. This team works to incorporate fundraising into everything the WCDP does through messaging, leveraging legislative outcomes, and targeting specific groups and people.

Precinct Organizing

The Precinct Organizing Committee recruits and trains organizers to knock on doors and network in their own neighborhoods or anywhere in the county to improve voter engagement, registration, and turnout in every election. This includes the recruiting and training of Precinct Delegates.


The Programs Committee is tasked with offering quality and timely programs related to issue advocacy, voter education, potential candidate education, and candidate forums. The programs at the monthly General Membership meeting are organized by this committee.


The Communications Committee creates and coordinates internal and external communications for the WCDP. It is responsible for editorial content on the website, the newsletter, press releases, and public relations.

Social Media

The Social Media Committee maintains the WCDP Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. This team can teach active members and others on how to effectively use social media.


The Visibility Committee makes sure the WCDP has a visible presence at local events, like community festivals and fairs, to create a bridge for greater involvement in the party. They also sell Democratic swag.


The Outreach Committee builds WCDP relationships with issues-based and community-based organizations throughout the county. In addition to political work, they’ve partnered with community organizations to get food, clothing, furniture, and more to those who need it.

Legislative Programs

The Legislative Programs Committee helps train members to become citizen activists who lobby legislators for and against pending legislation in the Michigan House and Senate as well as the U.S. Congress. In addition, this committee helps citizens weigh in on state-level issues.

Social Events

The Social Events Committee is in charge of organizing events and activities so WCDP members have an opportunity to socialize, relax, and connect with Democratic voters. These events include things like picnics, cocktail mixers, bowling nights, etc.