From Michigan Resistance:

Just this week, the GOP house passed a completely inadequate supplemental budget plan that does not provide anywhere near the same funding as the Governor’s plan. They left millions if not billions of ‘spend it or lose it’ federally granted dollars on the table. They also added ridiculous strings to the money, prohibiting the release of all or part of lifesaving, FEDERAL COVID dollars. Some examples:

  • No funding will be released unless the governor and state health department cede their power to make emergency science-based decisions for our health and safety.
  • Providing extra funding and incentives to school districts committing to 100% in-person instruction while doing little to improve access to the vaccine for the teachers and students they are sending into harm’s way. In fact, the GOP budget withholds all but $22 million of $90 million vaccine dollars proposed by Whitmer so that the GOP can ‘save it for later’. Later is now, folks!
  • Insisting that local health departments be given “control” over pandemic-related decisions. It is an outright LIE to say that mandating local control is a better way to combat a deadly airborne virus than maintaining centralized, statewide control. Viruses do not know local boundaries. True local control would INCREASE cases and deaths. Illogically, the bill retains most of the control in the legislature anyway. The GOP bill provides the metrics that will be applied statewide, using absurd, refuted methods, while imposing them on local bodies in slow, piecemeal fashion. Using the phrase “local control” is meant to score political points, while the GOP retains its power to do more harm than good.

Essentially, the extremist GOP is demanding that Michigan pretend COVID-19 does not exist. Their endgame is for Michigan to open all businesses, schools, and activities. They demand “normal” in a situation that they must know cannot be normal. Who benefits from this magical thinking? Donors and lobbyists, perhaps? (Billions of dollars are spent on school sports nationwide each year.) Or are they just using it to build their own political futures? Sadly, we must conclude that our elected GOP officials are more willing to let people die than to cede an inch of power. Calling them Radical Extremists might not be harsh enough.

So, what can we do now? Give voice to the people suffering in our state by letting the GOP know we see who they are. These hideous COVID supplemental budget bills now go to the Michigan Senate. Please call these Senators:

Michael McDonald, (D10 Macomb county) (517-373-7315)
Lana Theis (D22 Brighton, Western Washtenaw) (517) 373-2420
Jim Runestad  (D15 Western Oakland County)( 517)-373-1758
Jon Bumstead (D34 Muskegon, Oceana & Newaygo) (517) 373-1635

Possible Language for calling MI State Senators
Hello, I’m calling Senator _____________ to let him/her know how disappointed I am with the proposed handling of Federally allocated COVID relief money in the latest GOP budget bills. Tying funding to school openings, limits on the governor’s power, or really anything but human need shows that you value power over human life. The people of Michigan overwhelmingly support the governor’s COVID response which a recent study shows prevented 100K cases and 2.8K deaths, just since November. Massive relief is needed now. Your job is to release it without harmful, politically motivated conditions.

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