If you don’t love calling Republican Senators’ offices, there is another way you can make your voice heard. These two bills will pass out of committee Wednesday, so cards are needed Tuesday May 4.

  • SB 273 adds prohibitively expensive regulations to drop boxes that will reduce voter access and would give full power to local county boards of canvassers to approve or disallow drop boxes, hampering voting access for rural communities.  
  • SB 286 would require the closure of drop boxes by 5 PM the night before Election Day, reducing voter access and putting even more of a burden on local clerks to accept ballots in their offices without the necessary training, funding, or resources that they need.  
 Here’s how you can take action:
  1. Submit a card to the Senate Elections Committee, in opposition to Senate Bills 273 and 286
    1. To submit a card, email the Committee Clerk, Heather Dorbeck (hdorbeck@senate.michigan.gov) and cc the Committee Chair, Senator Ruth Johnson (senrjohnson@senate.michigan.gov) and Minority Vice Chair Senator Paul Wojno (senpwojno@senate.michigan.gov)
    2. Include the following in your email:
      1.  Subject line Suggestion: Card Opposing SB 273 and 286
      2. Your Name
      3. The Bill number you are taking a position on (SB 273 and 286)
      4. Whether you oppose, support, or are neutral on the bill (we oppose)
      5. Phone, email address, city of residence (all optional)

If you can do some calling, here’s another!From MI Resistance.

SB285 Puts Voters at Risk for Identity Theft
SB285 creates a new hoop to jump through for voters who prefer to use an Absentee Ballot. Republicans in the Michigan GOP-led Senate are asking voters to mail in a photocopy of their ID with their application for an Absentee ballot.  If you don’t include this, your ballot will become “Provisional” and you’ll have to make a trip to the clerk’s office in order for your Absentee Ballot to be counted.

Mailing a photocopy of your ID in this age of stolen identities is reckless at best. In 2017, nearly 16.7 million people had their identities stolen by thieves who unlawfully accessed personal information. Asking voters to send in a photocopy of their state ID is asking voters to risk being a victim of one of the worst crimes of our age.  If your personal information is stolen en route in the mail, while waiting to be processed or while sitting in the clerk’s office and gets into the hands of a scammer, you could lose your money, your good credit rating, and your overall financial health.

Add to this the fact that photocopying is burdensome. Not all voters have easy access to a photocopier, printer or scanner. Many voters may struggle with the technology or the cost required for photocopying. Mailing in a photocopy of a voter’s ID provides literally no additional security. Voters already prove their identity when they register to vote and their signature is validated when their ballot is received by comparing it to the voter’s registration.

Absentee ballots are a necessary convenience which allows rural, senior, working and disabled voters to cast their vote. Voter ID law SB285 will remove the convenience for many and replace it with a possibly dangerous requirement. It will disenfranchise the thousands of voters in Michigan who have issues with transportation and/or financial constraints and removes the basic premise of being able to vote when on vacation, as a student, or if you’re a senior and don’t want to drive anymore. SB285 discourages voting by adding the risk of being a victim of identity theft. Voting is an already demanding process, but requiring a photocopy of your ID to go through the mail for any reason in this age of stolen identities is completely irresponsible and could be dangerous.

Call these Senators and tell them SB285 which requires mail-in photocopies of ID increases the likelihood of voters becoming victims of identity theft and poses an unnecessary burden and risk to Absentee Ballot voters: seniors, disabled, working and rural voters.

Tom Barrett (R-24,Lansing) 517-373-3447

Ed McBroom (R-38,UP) 517-373-7840

Kevin Daley(R-31,Bay City) 517-373-1777

Jim Stamas (R-36, Clare) 517-373-7946

Ken Horn(R-32, Saginaw) 517-373-1760

Dale Zorn (R-17, Monroe) 517-373-3543

Possible Script for calling Senators:

I am encouraging Senator __________ to reject SB285 that will make unnecessary demands on senior, disabled, working and rural voters by requesting a photocopy of their ID be mailed in with their Absentee Ballot  application. Voting should be free from burdensome requirements like photocopies and mailing in photocopies containing personal information poses a risk to voters of becoming victims of identity theft.