All About Promote the Vote– and Why It’s Essential We Pass It

Promote the Vote is a state Constitutional amendment backed by the League of Women Voters, the ACLU, the NAACP, and other leading national nonpartisan organizations. Promote the Vote would cement our voting rights victories by guaranteeing:

  • Nine days of early, in-person voting
  • At least one ballot drop box for every 15,000 registered voters
  • Absentee ballots mailed upon request, with prepaid return postage
  • Rigorous voter identification
  • The ability to track your absentee ballot online
  • Only certified election officials will be able conduct election audits

To get Promote the Vote on the November ballot, we need 425,059 petition signatures by JULY 6.  (update!)

Join us at one of these events to sign!

To learn more or to read it all, visit Voters Not Politicians. To learn more about the other important petitions, including Reproductive Rights, Raise the Wage, Good Time Credits and more, visit Bridge Magazine’s Tracker.

Failing to get those signatures would leave us with the measures (almost certain to pass) of the Republican-sponsored “Secure MI Vote” petition, which seeks to restrict our ability to vote based on their claim that the 2020 election was stolen – their “Big Lie.” They aim to cut the use of ballot drop boxes, make absentee voting harder and riskier, cut down on early voting, make it illegal for schools and churches to provide free space for polling places – and that’s just the beginning.

This radical Republican petition is well on its way to having enough signatures to pass without a vote of Michigan’s residents. Only an all-out effort during the coming weeks till the end of June will avert this catastrophe.

Need more info? Contact us at  Our Area Captains have everything you need and they will support you every step of the way.