Hidden in the No-Fault Auto Insurance reform bill that was passed in 2019 were provisions that drastically cut allowed payment to the providers of care to seriously injured accident victims. You can still subscribe to unlimited coverage– but care providers are being driven out of business by the cuts, and survivors are suffering, sometimes unimaginably.

2 bipartisan House Bils, HB5698 and HB5500 are finally in a position to remedy this, but need our help to get out of committee. Here are MI Resistance’s recommendations for legislators to contact and talking points to help you. (  MI resistance works with our legislators to develop these actions.)

Please contact these Republican representatives in the Insurance Committee and tell them to move proposed House Bills 5698 and 5500 to the floor for a vote and help 18,000 critically injured residents of Michigan receive the help they need.

Daire Rendon – IC Chair R-103, Grayling

Jason Wentworth – Speaker
R-97 Osceola


Mark Tisdale

R-45 Rochester Hills

TC Clements
R-56, Monroe

Bryan PosthumusR-73 Rockford 517-373-0218

Script for Calling Representatives:

As a member of the House Insurance Committee, the results of the 2019 Auto Insurance Reform bill are now being felt. *1,548 accident survivors have been discharged by their previous providers and 3,049 Michigan jobs have been eliminated. The bills introduced in the state house are languishing in your committee while auto accident survivors are unable to recover due to lack of access to appropriate care and in-home options. Please move HB5698 and HB5500 out of committee so that auto accident survivors are able to recover with appropriate care and in-home options. This is an urgent matter. We need your help now.


In Michigan today, 18,000 patients with catastrophic injuries are needlessly suffering due to the elimination of catastrophic care in July 2021. The 55% cap has left many families desperate and many health providers are going out of business. The promised legislative replacement by something better was over a year ago but the proposed bills to do this are sitting in committee. These 18K patients experienced catastrophic injury and are without coverage!

The 55% cap on catastrophic care has been devastating to crash victims and the hard evidence that is now starting to show demonstrates just how dramatic the bad news is. *According to a recent report from the nonprofit health organization MPHI, 1,548 no-fault patients have been discharged by their previous providers and 3,049 Michigan jobs have been eliminated since the new law’s fee schedule went into effect in July 2021. Meanwhile, 140 organizations reported having to significantly reduce services, 96 organizations can’t accept new patients with no-fault insurance funding, and 21 organizations have had to cease operating completely.