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Candidates giving back.

The following campaign committees have partnered with the WCDP. This opportunity is open to all Democratic candidates and does not constitute an endorsement from the WCDP. To become a Candidate Partner, visit our Candidate Partners ActBlue page.

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Legislative Candidates

Debbie Dingell

U.S. House of Representatives | MI-6

Felicia Brabec

For State Representative, 55th District

Robyn McCoy for State Representative District 32

Robyn McCoy

For State Representative, 32nd District

Sue Shink, Democrat for State Senate, District 14

Sue Shink

For State Senate, District 14

Jason Morgan for State Representative District 23

Jason Morgan

For State Representative, 23rd District

Jimmie WIlson, Jr. for State Representative, District 32

Jimmie Wilson, Jr.

For State Representative, 32nd District

Judicial Candidates

Arianne Slay for 22nd Circuit Court Judge

Arriane Slay

For 22nd Circut Court Judge

Torchio Feaster for 14A District Court Judge

Torchio Feaster

For 14A District Court Judge

County Office & County Commission Candidates

Caroline Sanders

For County Commissioner, District 4

Justin Hodge for Washtenaw County Commission, District 5

Justin Hodge

For County Commissioner, District 5

Andy LaBarre Democrat for Washtenaw County Commission

Andy LaBarre

For County Commissioner, District 7

Ann Arbor Mayoral & City Council Candidates

Anne Bannister for Mayor

Anne Bannister

For Ann Arbor Mayor

Ayesha Ghazi Edwin for AA City Council Ward 3

Ayesha Ghazi Edwin

For Ann Arbor City Council | Ward 3

Christopher Taylor, Democrat for Ann Arbor Mayor

Christopher Taylor

For Ann Arbor Mayor

Dharma Akmon: Democrat for Ann Arbor City Council, Ward 4

Dharma Akmon

For Ann Arbor City Council | Ward 4

Angeline Smith for AA City Council Ward 1

Angeline Smith

For Ann Arbor City Council | Ward 1

Re-elect Elizabeth Nelson for AA City Council Ward 4

Elizabeth Nelson

For Ann Arbor City Council | Ward 4