How to Win Elections-Insight from Mark Grebner (PEG Event)

Last minute notice- PEG invites us to a talk by Mark Grebner of Practical Political Consulting, an experienced campaigner. Mark had an insight that “nonvoters are ashamed of abstaining but believe they can get away with it because no one knows whether they in fact voted.” He will cite the results of using peer pressure to get people to vote. Direct mailing campaigns that tell prospective voters that their neighbors will be told if they actually do vote have been as much as ten times as effective as any other method studied, yet they aren’t being widely utilized due to the recipient’s complaints.

Come learn why these campaigns work, why they aren’t utilized, and join the discussion as to whether they should be. Bring your questions and opinions.

 Mark has worked with hundreds of campaigns and has been featured in the New York Times as the source for Michigan voter lists.
This presentation may be the most thought-provoking and entertaining one you will attend this year. Mark is eccentric, brilliant, irreverent, opinionated, and funny. For one of his 43 successful election campaigns for Ingham County commissioner his advertisements included ”Buy one politician, get one free”, bumper stickers ”No worse than the rest” and refrigerator magnets ”He may be a fool, but he’s our fool”. Jewish Community Center of Greater Ann Arbor, 2935 Birch Hollow Dr, Ann Arbor.3–4:30 pm


Vote for your Delegate to County Convention!

ALL DEMOCRATS: Vote for your Delegate to County Convention! This is at the end of your partisan ballot

What we usually call “precinct delegates” will be labeled, Delegate to County Convention on your ballot. Under that, you will see an instruction on how many people you can vote for.

To see who will be listed on your ballot, go to the Secretary of State Web page located here

Depending on where you live, you could be eligible to vote for 1, 2, or even 3, Delegates.

Important: Did you check and not see anyone listed? There could still be write-in candidates for the position, and they need your vote! This roster will update through August 6, so keep checking back!—Democratic-Official-PDF.

How to WRITE IN a candidate: You must write the name EXACTLY as it appears on the roster above. It doesn’t matter if you know their preferred name is different, you have to use the one on the roster. After you write their name, you must FILL IN the rectangle next to their name.

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