Volunteers with the WCDP DEMS CARE Program helped tutor 2nd and 3rd graders at Erickson Elementary in Ypsilanti last year. The pilot program was very successful! We had ten tutors and 10 kids, along with the Director, our Caroline Nathan. All of the children’s reading levels improved up to a year in approximately 3 months. The school was thrilled. One little boy was so sad he didn’t want to celebrate at the final pizza party–he just wanted to continue. (A big thank you to volunteer and WCDP Outreach intern Edward Dance!)
We need more volunteers for this fall. You can help us increase the impact with just an an hour a week, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (probably on Tuesdays), beginning near the end of September and following the school calendar. All training, materials and supervision are provided through Family Learning Institute, by reading expert Caroline Nathan. Please contact Kathy Wyatt at Katherineawyatt@aol.com or call 734-678-8623. We are Democrats because we want to make the world better. This is a real-life, grassroots way to show people we care, while changing the future for 2nd and 3rd grade children.