The 6th Congressional District Convention will convene virtually via Zoom on Saturday, January 14th at 12 pm.

Please register using this form (6th Congressional District Convention Registration Form – Google Forms) at least 24 hours before the Convention. A zoom link will be sent to your email before the convention.

The Michigan Democratic Party will be holding its 2023 Spring Convention on February 11, 2023 at Huntington Place in Detroit. There will be a 6th Congressional District Caucus Meeting in the morning before the statewide meetings at Huntington Place. To vote at the Spring Convention, you must be a Democratic Party member at least 30 days prior to the Convention (Feb. 11). At the Spring Convention during the 6th Caucus, we will be having elections for leadership of the 6th Congressional District Club and the State Central members. If you seek to run for Chair or Vice Chair of the 6th Congressional District Club, you must declare your desire to run with MDP at least 30 days prior to the Spring Convention. If you need help declaring, please reach out to Zach Hayward.

Please RSVP for the District Convention using the link above and stay tuned for more information on the MDP Spring Convention and 6th Congressional District Caucus Meeting. If you would like to express interest in running for the Democratic State Central Committee, please fill out the form using the link below.

The purpose of this District Convention shall be to elect a member and alternate to the Rules, Resolutions and Credentials Committees for the State Convention and to consider resolutions and platform suggestions to be forwarded to the State Party. If there is a resolution you would like to be considered during the District Convention, please email it to Zach Hayward at at least 48 hours before the Convention.

Delegates to District Conventions shall be the Precinct Delegates who were duly elected at the Primary Election held August 2, 2022, the Democratic nominees for County and Legislative offices as set forth in section 3.2.2 of the MDP bylaws, and members of the Michigan Democratic Party who reside in the district and whose membership was renewed at least thirty (30) days prior to the District Convention.

Voting Privileges: Article III of the MDP Rules stipulate the following qualifications for eligibility to vote:

 [3.2.1.] In order to vote at any Convention, Caucus or meeting of any unit of the MDP at any level, a person must be a member of the MDP for at least thirty (30) days prior to that Convention, Caucus or meeting. A Party member must be a qualified and registered elector in order to vote on nominations for public office.

[3.2.2] Precinct delegates, Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees to partisan offices are exempt from the thirty (30) day advance membership requirement. However, Precinct Delegates, Democratic elected officials and Democratic nominees to partisan offices must be a member of the MDP in order to vote at any Convention, Caucus or meeting of any unit of the MDP at any level. Former members of the MDP whose membership has lapsed in the thirty (30) days preceding any Convention, Caucus, or meeting of any unit of the MDP may renew their membership on the day of the Convention, Caucus, or meeting and shall be permitted to vote on that date. Convention, Caucus, or meeting.

For questions about MDP membership contact

Convention Agenda: 

  • A. Call to Order
  • B. Credential Report – This is a report out of all credentialed delegates for the convention.
  • C. Rules Report – This is the time to review and accept voting procedures for the convention.
  • D. Approval of the Agenda
  • E. Election of Permanent Convention Chair – This person will chair the convention.
  • F. Appointment of Convention Secretary – This person will be the official record keeper of the Convention and will help send minutes, committee member information and resolutions to the State Party.
  • G. Election of Convention Committee Members & Alternates
  • H. Consideration of Resolutions
  • I. Good and Welfare
  • J. Adjournment

Committee Positions for State Convention: Our District is responsible for electing the following positions on each corresponding State Convention Committee.

Rules Committee:

  • 1 Female Member from Oakland County
  • 1 Male Member and 1 Female Alternate from Washtenaw County
  • 1 Male Alternate from Wayne County

Credentials Committee:

  • 1 Male Alternate from Oakland County
  • 1 Female Member from Washtenaw County
  • 1 Male Member and 1 Female Alternate from Wayne County

Resolutions Committee:

  • 1 Female Member and 1 Male Alternate from Washtenaw County
  • 1 Male Member and 1 Female Alternate from Wayne County

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee will approve the final version of the rules that will oversee all business at the Spring State Convention. Members of the Rules Committee are not required to attend the State Convention.

Meets: Tuesday, January 31, 2023 from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM via Zoom.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee shall meet to discuss and receive training on the credentialing process for the Spring State Convention. Members of the Credentials Committee are encouraged to help fellow Democrats in their County and District to become credentialed.

Additionally, members are encouraged to provide staff support with credentialing at the Convention. Members of the Credentials Committee are asked to attend the Convention to assist with the credentialing process, which requires a comfortability with technology.

Meets: Saturday, February 4, 2023 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET via Zoom.

Resolutions Committee

At the January 2023 6th District Convention we will consider resolutions that can be sent forward to the State Party. [Outline the process for bringing forward a resolution. Include whether a resolution needs to be emailed or submitted prior to the date of the District convention

Meets: Wednesday, February 1, 2023 from 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM ET via Zoom.

Democratic State Central Committee

The 6th Congressional District is also fielding interest from people that are interested in serving on the Democratic State Central Committee. We are allocated 18 delegates and 18 alternates, and there must be a 50/50 Male and Female split. If you have interest, please fill out this google form at your earliest convenience: Dem State Central Delegate Interest Form – Google Forms.


For more information on the 2023 State Convention on February 11, 2023, read the full Call to Convention, which includes a timeline of important dates leading up to the Convention. Questions about our 6th Congressional District Convention can be directed to Zach Hayward at