The bill to help protect care for auto accident victims with permanent injuries is sadly stuck in the Michigan House of Representatives Insurance Committee and the deadline is only 1 ½ weeks away. We’ve called on this issue previously, in fact, just last week, and we’ve been told that your efforts and those of others have had a positive impact, with some Republican legislators now understanding the need to pass legislation that would help assure that care facilities for these accident victims will be able to stay open to care for these vulnerable Michigan citizens. Thank you so much for your previous calls to legislators.

Now a Republican member of the House, Ryan Berman, has proposed a new bill that could break this logjam IF the House Insurance Committee would just vote it out of committee so that it could be voted on by the full House.  However, the House Insurance Committee has yet refused to support this bill and pass it on to the floor of the House for a vote. This is just plain obstructionism… when peoples lives are at stake. The Democrats on the committee support this bill, but there are far more Republicans than Democrats on the committee, so we need to contact Republican committee members to urge them to support Berman’s bill, House Bill 4992.

The background information below will explain this issue in more detail but, essentially, when the No Fault Insurance Reform Bill was passed in 2019, they delayed the implementation of this one provision until July 1, 2021, which is now only 1 ½ weeks away. This provision would limit the insurance company’s reimbursement for the care of long term and permanently injured accident victims to a cap of just 55% of the cost of the care.  The terrible result would be that these accident victims are, once again, victims since 90% of the care facilities don’t have confidence that they can stay open if this provision goes into effect. This provision saves insurance companies a great deal of money but fails the people of Michigan who are in need of care.

This is just wrong. It’s wrong for the patients and their families, it’s wrong for the providers who may lose their businesses and it’s wrong for the literally thousands of caregivers who presently work in those care centers.

But there is a solution. So, WHAT CAN YOU DO?

Please call the members of Michigan House of Representatives Insurance Committee listed below and urge them to support House Bill 4992 and pass it on to the floor for a full vote of the Michigan House. HB4992 would eliminate the dramatic 45% cut in the reimbursement cap and revise the 2019 bill to cap the reimbursement provided by insurance companies for accident victims in need of permanent or long-term care to an amount in line with the market value for these services. If this bill is not passed by the Michigan Legislature, this 45% cut will go into effect next week. When calling Rep. Ryan Berman, it would be good to thank him for introducing this bill but to also encourage him to strongly urge his fellow Republicans to support it.  HB4992 needs to be passed immediately.

This bill will keep these care centers in business and the caregivers at work, continuing to provide needed care for accident survivors with long term or permanent injuries.

Please call these House members and ask them to move quickly to get it out of the Insurance Committee, and pass this bill.

Daire Rendon – IC Chair

R-103, Grayling


Ryan Berman

R-9, Commerce


Bronna Kahle

R-57, Adrian


Matt Hall

R-63, Marshall


TC Clements

R-56, Monroe


Script for Calling Representatives:

As a member of the House Insurance Committee, you have the power to literally save the lives of Michigan citizens. I am deeply concerned about the impact of the provision of Michigan’s auto insurance law which will devastate access to care for accident victims and families. Set to go into effect in just over a week, on July 1st, the new law cuts post-acute rehab reimbursement fees by 45% which will leave 9 out of 10 rehab facilities at risk of closing. Please support House Bill 4992 which offers a fair and reasonable cap on providers, without adding costs to the system. Please vote in committee to move this bill to the floor for a vote.