From the Chair:

In 2018, in the midst of a very busy day on Election Day, I found myself with a bit of free time, so I took a shift as a poll greeter handing out slate cards. It was cold. It was raining. It was windy.

And it was also the most enjoyable thing I did the entire 2018 election cycle.

I was met by many smiling faces. A large number of the people I met and talked to were very grateful for the slate card and thanked me over and over again for the work the County Party was doing. It was such a gratifying experience and I heard the same from many others who volunteered.

We still have a significant percentage of our poll greeter shifts that are not filled so we are hoping YOU will sign up for one or more shifts on Election Day to help with this effort. If you are interested, go to this webpage and sign up right away:

Thank you for all you are doing to make 2020 another Blue Wave year!

Chris Savage

WCDP Chair