Our chair, Chris Savage, is hosting a fundraiser in his gorgeous garden in Dexter, to help build the WCDP’s war chest in preparation for 2020. We have made some serious investments- you’ll hear about our unique new organizing tool, and help us keep the lights on at the office. We estimate at least 25,000 donated work hours will be needed for our 2020 work, and we need financial support, as well. Your contributions to WCDP stay in the community, directly benefit Washtenaw County, and have the power to shape the state.

We’ll have garden fare, craft beer and assorted other beverages, and free garden tours! Chris, and State Representative Donna Lasinski, will fill you in on all the Washtenaw Dems and our tireless representatives are doing to move Michigan forward. More info and the link to reserve or donate:  https://www.washtenawdems.org/calendar/garden-party-fundraiser-keep-the-lights-on-at-the-wcdp/