The coronavirus, illustrating just how crucial the U.S. Postal Service is to the lives of Americans, is, at the same time, contributing to its collapse. For years, President Trump and the Republican Party have been pushing to privatize the USPS.

Required to deliver all mail and to all postal addresses, at a flat rate, the USPS provides services important to rural communities, people who live in poverty, the elderly, and small businesses. People of color and indigenous people often live in isolated areas that would provide little profit, and thus little incentive, for private delivery systems to service those areas. A large group of people still count on mail delivery of medications and bill pay services because they live in towns and areas too small to support pharmacies and Internet services. If affordable mail becomes obsolete, this may contribute to disenfranchisement of rural and indigenous communities. Many post offices even provide passport services and a place to pick up federal forms.

The Postal Service provides employment to over 600,000 employees, people who would be out of a job if the service were to shut down. The Postal Service has seen a 50% drop in mail volume due to the coronavirus. Businesses have cut back on sending out catalogs, advertisements, and other bulk mail. President Trump claims that the USPS charges too little to deliver packages for Amazon. The Post Office and Amazon claim that they have a contract for last-mile delivery that is fair to both. The President has threatened to veto any stimulus package that includes any additional funding for the USPS (the first 2 stimuli packages included an inadequate loan for the agency).

Please call the GOP Representatives from Michigan and ask them to include adequate funding  for the US Postal Service in the next stimulus package. They should also support a bipartisan package that can resist the threat of President Trump’s threatened veto of USPS support.

Jack Bergman (1st district) (R) (202) 225-4735
Fred Upton (6th district) (R) (202) 225-3761
Bill Huizenga (2nd district) (R) (202) 225-4401
Tim Walberg (7th district) (R) (202) 225-6276
Justin Amash (3rd district) (I) (202) 225-3831
Paul Mitchell (10th district) (R) (202) 225-2106
John Moolenaar (4th district) (R) (202) 225-3561

Script for Calling Representatives:
Hi, I’m calling Representative_____to ask him to include adequate funding for the USPS in any COVID-19 stimulus package and to develop a package that can resist President Trump’s threatened veto of that bill. The Post Office is needed as never before as it keeps rural America connected to the rest of the country, provides reasonable rates and delivers to places that private shippers will not. The mail may also provide a safe and efficient way to conduct elections during the current epidemic. Please make this a priority as I understand funds for the Postal Service may run out by June 1st. Thank you.