Nominations are open for Co-Vice Chair for the Visibility committees! Do you enjoy talking to people and spreading the word about the Party? Karen Kostamo could use a hand! Your role would be to ensure we have a presence in the community and at events, with a table or our booth, to help recruit other volunteers, and to take in donations for our great collection of buttons. We set up tables at local festivals and at Democratic events like the conventions, as well as at the Farmer’s Market. All are welcome to assist, but a candidate for Co-Chair also becomes a member of the Executive Board, helping to make decisions about the direction of the County Party. Meetings once a month, occasional e-mail exchanges in between. This is a significant way to help Democrats win in 2020!

WCDP is steered by an all-volunteer Executive Board, which is elected by the Executive Committee, which is elected by members every two years (yes, we know it’s complicated, but those are statewide Party rules). The board includes four officers (Chris Savage is our Chair), the Co-Vice Chairs of our working committees, and the Chair of the Black Caucus. People sometimes get too busy, move away, etc., so we sometimes must call for new members. Hope to hear from you!