MI GOP Legislators Could Take Even MORE COVID PPP Aid
For their Personal/Family Businesses
While CONTINUING to Withhold $2.6 BILLION to Ordinary Michiganders

Since December, 2020, the MI GOP has been withholding billions of dollars in Federal COVID aid in order to push the Governor to relinquish her right to enact emergency orders in a pandemic. While these legislators play political games, they have deprived a growing number of Michiganders in need of earned unemployment benefits, housing, and food assistance.

We thought that was bad enough. But last week we learned that while our elected GOP leaders are fine with making the regular people wait for help, they helped their own businesses to large amounts of Federal COVID PPP dollars. According to our research, 23 Michigan Republican legislators have borrowed, collectively, $11,085,321.00 from the Small Business Administration’s “Paycheck Protection Program” under the 2020 CARES Act.*  And now …

With the recent passage of the American Relief Plan, they are poised to receive even more money for themselves in 2021 and beyond.

We elect representatives to protect the people and to ensure our welfare – and we expect them to put OUR collective needs, not their private interests, first.

Last week, we called six of the 23 legislators who took COVID loans to demand that they release the billions in funds slated for the regular people. Some defended their right to take the money and did not see a conflict with denying it to others. Some of them even denied taking the money until we provided them with factual evidence and they backed down.

So, this week we are targeting six more legislators with the challenge to release ALL the remaining funds immediately OR pledge to not accept any future COVID aid for their business until all funds have been allocated to the people. They can’t have their cake and allow us to go hungry.

Because we expect the legislators to also deny or be unmoved by our calls, this week we are sharing the information with their local press/media. Please contact the local media outlet(s) listed to encourage them to make this information widely known to their audience.

*Twenty-three GOP legislators and the amounts of our tax dollars borrowed by or granted to them are listed here.

Suggested script for calling legislators:

Hello. My name is __________. I’m calling because I was appalled to learn that Rep/Sen ___ has taken $___ in PPP loans or grants from taxpayers for his/her own business/es while fighting for months to withhold $5.6 billion in aid for the people you serve. It’s time to release the remaining $2.6 Billion without extortion attempts or bullying. You were NOT elected to serve yourself first – but to serve the citizens! If you won’t vote to immediately release ALL the COVID funds for regular people, will you pledge not to take future COVID aid for yourself so that other businesses can benefit instead?

Suggested e-mail/call to the press:
My MI state senator/rep_________ took $__________ in Federal CARES PPP/EIDL loans for his/her personal business while depriving the regular people in our district of money just sitting & waiting to be spent in our state for food, housing, and basic survival. Not only does rep/sen _________ think this is fair, so far, they have refused to pledge not to take more money from the next relief package (ARP). I hope you will do a story on this elected official – and their pattern of serving their own interests before that of their constituents.


Dist 22 – Senator Lana Theis, (517) 373-2420:  $48,036
Howell, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Chelsea

Local Media to contact re: Theis

Livingston Daily – Sara Kellner

Mlive – Reporter who has written about Lana Theis
Lindsay Moore lmoore@mlive.com


Dist 17 – Senator Dale Zorn, (517) 373-3543:  $28,600
Adrian, Lenawee Monroe

Local Media to Contact re: Zorn

Tecumseh Herald:
Jackie Koch – Staff Writer

Mary Kay McPartlin – Columnist

Lenawee Connect:
Spencer Durham

Brad Heineman
Monroe News:

Blake Bacho

Dean Cousino


Dist 38 – Senator Ed McBroom, (517) 373-7840: $20,833
Western/Central UP

Local Media to Contact re: McBroom:
There is a primary TV station for the central/western UP – WLUC TV-6
NEWS DIRECTOR: Steve Asplund, 906-475-4162

For central/western UP the newspapers are mostly one chain that own papers in 6 communities.
Marquette Mining Journal
Managing Editor: Bud Sargent
(906) 228-2500 Ext. 244

REP Dist. 106 – Sue Allor, (517) 373-0833:  $199,300
Wolverine.  Covers lots of northern MI, including Alpena,

Local Media to Contact re: Allor:

Alpena News
Julie Riddle – News Staff Writer

Cheboygan Daily News
Kortny Hahn Reporter

Editor Jeremy McBain

Iosco News:
John Morris – editor@iosconews.com
Jenny Haglund – reporter1@iosconews.com
REP – Dist. 32 – Pamela Hornberger, (517) 373-8931:  $96,770
Macomb County, Chesterfield Twp

Local Media to Contact re: Hornberger
Macomb Daily – Jeff Payne
jpayne@medianewsgroup.com and his phone is 586-783-0228.

REP -Dist. 80 – Mary Whiteford, (517) 373-0836:  $90,642
Allegan County, Holland, Douglas Saugatuck, Otsego

Local Media to Contact re: Whiteford:

Mlive –
Lauren Gibbons lgibbon2@mlive.com
Nick Moran – nmoran@mlive.com

Post on these Facebook pages:


Herald Palladium (St. Joseph)
Tony Wittkowski Reporter


For Further Reading:


(This is the official website for the MI GOP House Caucus.  Many Representatives have made statements here justifying their failure to release funding, about how “unfair” the Governor’s pandemic orders are, how full re-opening of the economy is a priority.)

https://www.misenategop.com/ (This is the official website for the MI GOP Senate Caucus.  Many Senators have made statements here justifying budget decisions, maligning the Governor’s pandemic orders while also  pushing for school, sports and restaurant re-opening.)