Support the Washtenaw Dems.
The Annual WCDP Fundraising Gala has been one of the most important venues for WCDP members to show their financial support. Because this year’s fundraiser has been canceled, we wanted to find other ways to acknowledge supporters who cover the costs that make our party possible.

Starting today, supporters who pledge to sustain the party on an annual basis will be known as Community Partners. Becoming a Community Partner is open to the same supporters that have contributed to our past galas including individuals, campaign committees, organizations, and businesses.

Community Partners are not granted special privileges when it comes to decisions we make as a party. They contribute because they know that a strong Democratic Party makes life better for everyone. For more information on Community Partners, visit our Partners page or email the Vice Chair of the Fundraising Committee:

Limited Offer for Primary Candidates.
To launch this new program, we are offering limited-time donation options to primary candidates looking to place an ad. Up until the primary, we will use your campaign ad to indicate to our 2,600+ newsletter subscribers that you are supporting the WCDP.

Please send your name, position, a link to your campaign website, and a promotional image to

The image should include your campaign logo or a photo of the candidate that includes the campaign logo. The images should be sent as either a .jpg or a .png file and have a 16:9 size ratio. Images that are at least 900×506 pixels will be clearest. 

Deadline July 21.