The Anishinaabek Caucus of the MDP, chaired by Andrea Pierce, has issued at statement in support of Gov. Whitmer and Atty General Nessel’s proclaimed intention to shut down the dangerous oil pipeline under the straits of Mackinac, and in support of ending negotiations with Enbridge over a possible utilities tunnel.

As a Supreme Court decision last week made clear, the treaties passed between the US government and the indigenous tribes of this land  are still valid, despite the many instances where they have been violated. Neil Gorsuch actually cast the decisive 5th vote, affirming that a member of a Crow tribe in Arizona had the right to hunt on National Forest land. In Michigan’s case, it’s the fishing rights that are a major factor, and previous US Supreme Court decisions have also affirmed that the right to fish includes the right to preserve a viable habitat for fish. The Caucus is pointing out that under the existing treaties, now affirmed to be the supreme law of the land, that is, overriding any conflicting laws, the Federally recognized tribes must be an important part of any decision.

Read the full statement here.