Make those who care for our most vulnerable a priority

In-home, direct care workers provide vital services to the most vulnerable residents in our state. And yet, they don’t even make enough money to live on. These workers include, personal attendants, home health & nursing aides who support individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, behavioral health, and the elderly.

Despite this being incredibly necessary and challenging work, these positions have an average hourly starting wage of less than $11, which leads to nearly half of direct care workers needing to rely on public assistance and 1 in 5 living in poverty. This is an issue of economic, gender, and racial inequality as 90% of direct care workers are women, 62% are people of color, and 31% are immigrants.

Much of the cost of in-home health care is covered by state Medicaid reimbursements. This is where our state government comes in. To increase wages for these workers, the annual budget must allott sufficient funds for this purpose. Governor Whitmer is currently drafting her executive budget for fiscal year 2020-2021, which she plans to announce within the next two  weeks.

These workers, who have committed themselves to caring for others, need to be a priority in our budget. Let’s tell the Governor to increase their wages to a minimum of $15 per hour.

Call Governor Whitmer to ask her to make direct care workers a priority: 517-373-3400

Script for Calling Governor Whitmer:

Hi, I’m calling to urge Governor Whitmer to make direct care workers a priority in her budget proposal by setting their minimum wage to $15 an hour. It’s disturbing that these workers that provide such vital services to our most vulnerable don’t even make enough money to live on. This is an issue of economic, gender, and racial inequality. As Democrats, we must fight to make our state a more equitable place to live in and supporting direct care workers would be a huge step forward. Please stand up for the Michiganders that need our support the most.