Your votes, and candidate petition signatures, are needed at the upcoming Convention! If you are a member, you’ll have received an email inviting you to get credentialed– that is, to be signed in and ready to vote remotely, from Monday April 4 to Saturday April 9 at 2:30. You also have the option to attend and to vote in person, beginning 2:30 on Saturday the 9th!

It can seem confusing to do this remotely, but it makes our vote extremely important this time, and your signatures to nominate the candidates perhaps even more so. Our wonderful team of Secretary of State Benson and Attorney General Nessel need a LOT of signatures to ensure they are on the ballot, as do our wonderful candidates for Supreme Court Justice, Justice Bernstein and Rep. Kyra Bolden. We have two stellar candidates for the State Board of Education, Mitchell Robinson and Dr. Pamela Pugh, and great candidates as well for the Boards of Trustees of U MIch, MSU, and Wayne State. The Dem majorities on all three university Boards have been doing stellar work, and we need to keep it that way!

At the 12th District Convention we heard from many of the candidates– if you didn’t have a chance to attend, we can request the recording. Or if you’re a member of the 7th district, you will hear from them there.

Downloading the Voatz app is easy; setting it up a little more complicated as there are numerous passwords and codes to enter, and you’ll need to take a photo of your picture ID as well as of your face– but it’s not really that hard, and we are always ready to help if needed!