MDP members have also voted to endorse two great candidates for the Michigan Supreme Court, Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch, and the Ann Arbor Indivisible group A2D2 in collaboration with Swing Left and others recently organized an online forum that can be viewed here. 7h@FfLr^ is the password.

Chief Justice McCormack speaks about her work on the Supreme Court and
the significant influence that this court has on trial courts throughout the state.
Recommendations such as decriminalizing auto violations and raising the threshold of cash bail are made by the Supreme Court and disseminated throughout the trial courts.

Elizabeth Welch, attorney in Grand Rapids, speaks of her 20 years of experience as an
employment lawyer. In addition, she emphasizes her commitment to public education and her many years on the Grand Rapids School Board. She speaks of the importance of funding public schools to work towards economic justice.

To contact and support their campaigns,

  • If you’d like to share your contact information with both candidates, fill out this form.

Those of us interested in changing the composition of the Michigan Supreme Court from conservative to progressive must get the word out about these two candidates – voters will see their names on the far side of the ballot, under nonpartisan offices. The candidates cannot ask for donations to their campaigns but the moderator directs us to their websites: and