Join the Party

MDP membership is WCDP membership.

Membership brings rewards – and can be free!

Most of us think we’re Democrats because we vote Democratic in elections and participate in Democratic meetings, fundraisers, election work, and events.

All of those activities are indispensable. But to get full credit for your commitments, you need to join the Party.

Party members have a voice – and a vote – in official WCDP, Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) and congressional district (CD) affairs. Only members vote for (or run for) Party leadership positions, official resolutions and platforms, governance rules, and endorsements.

You automatically become a member of the WCDP when you join the MDP. You can join for free, or for a few dollars a month. Whatever level works for you, works for us.

While you’re at it, sign up for our weekly newsletter so you know what we’re thinking.

Welcome to the Party!