Members of the new County Committee will meet virtually on Monday to cast their votes for a new Executive Board. WCDP members met on Nov. 28 to elect the Committee, composed of members representing 15 geographic areas throughout the County plus the County’s Democratic elected officials (and nominees.) That committee will now in turn designate our next Executive Board. All members are welcome to attend, though only the new Committee members will vote.

According to the bylaws, candidates must present themselves as a slate. Technically, it can be a slate of one, but in practice, interested people do run as a team. As Chair Chris Savage is stepping down, Theresa Reid, the current Co-Vice Chair of Precinct Organizing, has composed a slate with a mix of seasoned members of current and past Boards, and new leaders who have indicated their willingness to step up. If anyone wishes to submit a different slate, they can send the information to Chris Savage ahead of the meeting.

For more information or to request a link to attend (for those not on the County Committee) write to Chris at

We’re all looking forward to inaugurating a new team, to build on the great work we all did together this last cycle!