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Dems Care Tutoring Program Seeks Volunteers, Donations

Our Literacy program has been bringing huge benefits to the children of Ypsilanti's Erickson Elementary for several years, and it is needed more than ever after the year of learning largely lost to the pandemic. An hour or two a week will bring joy to you and to the...

Time to Talk to our Neighbors!

How many times have we heard, "Oh, the Democrats only come around when they want to ask for our votes"?  Well, let's get a head start on 2022. Building relationships with voters ahead of time will be key to keeping our excellent team of "Women from Michigan," ...

WCDP Endorses in Chelsea, Saline City Races

WCDP members voted to endorse the following candidates: Chelsea City Council:  Tony Iannelli, Christine Mehuron, Bill Ruddock Chelsea City Mayor: Jane Pacheco Saline City Council:  James Martin Dell’Orco WCDP endorsements are at the request of...

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