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WCDP July 17 Garden Party

Help support the WCDP by attending or sponsoring someone else to attend our 2022 Annual Garden Party hosted by Anne and Chris Savage. Come see their beautiful organic garden, eat scrumptious, homemade food, and connect wtih fellow Democrats. Tickets: Guest: $100...

Petition-Signing Events Near You!

Getting crucial petitions on the November ballot is the most urgent thing for Dems to do right now. We are organizing multiple petition-signing events in driveways around the county. Find them here! Republican attacks on voting rights and reproductive rights are close...

Rally for DTE Accountability in Highland Park

A bill requiring DTE to compensate consumers for power outages, sponsored by Rep. Yousef Rabhi and Rep. Abraham Aiyash, needs our support.  DTE is currently only responsive to its shareholders and not to the consumers who enrich them. Rep. Rabhi has been trying to...

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