Last Thursday the Michigan Legislature reached an agreement on the $975 million left on the table after Gov Whitmer was forced to line-item veto the GOP last-minute budget. But Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey(R) has rejected it saying he doesn’t trust the Governor. The proposed deal would have restored those line item vetoes which include Health Services, Public Education, Public Safety and many other services. Shirkey didn’t like the agreement because it didn’t include a new law which would restrict the Administrative Board. The Administrative Board allows the Governor to transfer funds within departments and was originally established by Governor John Engler(R). It was last used in 1991. Governor Whitmer has made numerous public statements saying she will not use the Admin Board further but Shirkey insists she is untrustworthy. There is no evidence that Governor Whitmer is untrustworthy. She has made every effort to work with the GOP-led Legislature, including a public vow she would not transfer any funds included in the negotiated budget.

Mike Shirkey(R) needs to approve the Supplemental Budget because the effects of his political gambit are starting to be felt.  Already, rural hospitals have put themselves on high risk for closing. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has had to pull road patrol officers off the street and some school districts have had to deny teacher supply requests.

Call these Republicans in the Michigan Senate and tell them we need Mike Shirkey to work with Governor Whitmer and sign the Supplemental Budget

Sen Mike Shirkey(R)  – (517) 373-5932 Sen Jim Runestad(R) – (517) 373-1758
Sen Kenneth Horn(R)  – (517) 373-1760 Sen Dale Zorn(R) (517) – 373-3543
Sen Peter McGregor(R) – (517) 373-0797 Sen Michael McDonald(R)- (517) 373-7315

Script for Calling Republican Leadership in the Michigan Legislature:
Hi, I’m calling to urge Senator *_______ to stop the pressure on Gov Whitmer about the Admin board and sign the Supplemental Budget. Already, we are feeling the effects of the reduced funding needed for our public safety, public schools and health services. We need Mike Shirkey to work with the Governor and get the funding for our critical programs restored. Thank you.