Getting crucial petitions on the November ballot is the most urgent thing for Dems to do right now. We are organizing multiple petition-signing events in driveways around the county. Find them here! Republican attacks on voting rights and reproductive rights are close to becoming reality, but we have a shield– if we choose to erect it! Our signatures will put voting rights protection and women’s health protection on the ballot,.

Of the voting rights petitions, Promote the Vote has a real chance to get on the ballot, but it depends on us. Without many more helpers (you!) IT WILL FAIL, and the extreme Republican measure, Secure MI Vote, WILL become law. There are many ways to get it over the top, from getting a page or two filled with people around you, to hosting an event yourself (we support, you bring in your friends!) to walking your neighborhood with a list of known Dems who are usually very eager to sign. Contact us at for more info. Co-organized with Protectors of Equality in Government (PEG).

Currently scheduled:

Every Wed 4-6 pm   People’s Food Coop, outdoors or at Cafe Verde,  216 N. Fourth Avenue,  Ann Arbor

Tuesday 6/28  3-4 pm, Bridge Community Cafe, 217 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti

Tues   6/28  5-8 pm,  421 W Jefferson St, Old West Side, Ann Arbor

Thursday 12-3 pm, Bridge Community Cafe, 217 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti