Precinct Organizing

Organizing for the 2020 election and beyond.

Let’s make this happen.

Hillary Clinton lost Michigan by 10,700 votes in 2016. If every registered Democrat in Washtenaw County had voted, we’d have delivered those votes six times over.Our mission for 2020 and beyond is to swing the state of Michigan and the U.S. blue by getting all Washtenaw Democrats to vote! You can help in many ways. We need volunteers to staff the office (when we can re-open it!), do mailings and data entry, organize in your neighborhood, write or help with graphics, and more.

The Precinct Organizing Committee

A proven record of success turning out voters in Washtenaw County.

Organizing in Your Neighborhood

Find leaders in your neighborhood who are developing localized, targeted strategies to get out the vote.

Resources for Organizers

Downloadable materials for current organizers and volunteers.

The Precinct Organizing Committee

The POC helped boost turnout in 2018 with our WCDP Voter Guide – which included introductions to local candidates for small but important positions, as well as major candidate profiles. We organized distribution of 60,000 copies by making sure it was mailed to as many of our rural areas as possible and delivered copies directly in our town precincts.

Have you ever gotten to a position on the ballot and thought something like, “I should have made notes”? We also created a poll greeter’s card, with our recommendations for crucial judgeships and other less-known positions, for you to carry with you to the polls.

Interested in helping with voter turnout in 2020? Contact the Precinct Organizing Committee:

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Organizing in Your Neighborhood

There are a number of local leaders organizing in your neighborhood. They are there to

  • talk with and listen to voters
  • share concerns at county level committee meetings
  • share action opportunities with your precinct
  • explain current election issues and deadlines
  • recruit more precinct volunteers
  • keep democracy alive!

To connect with your local WCDP organizer, sign up to volunteer here:

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Resources for Organizers