Precinct Organizing

Precinct Organizing is at the heart of any successful election strategy. It’s as simple as talking to your neighbors and friends, but the results are undeniable:

Voters are more informed about issues

Better candidates can be cultivated, especially at the local level

Community ties and investment in local politics can be built and strengthened

More voters get to the polls for every election

How can you make this happen?

Become a Precinct Delegate

Want to make sure that we do more in 2018 and beyond? The Precinct Delegate system is key.

Join the Precinct Organizing Committee (POC)

Washtenaw County bucked the national trend and increased its overall voter turnout in 2016.

Give 2 hours a month on your own schedule!

Contact us to learn who your PD is and how to offer them your help.

Become a precinct delegate

Want to make sure that we do more in 2018 and beyond? The Precinct Delegate system is key

Each precinct can elect 2 to 5 delegates (according to population) on the primary ballot. But not every precinct currently has enough delegates, and some have none. We’re recruiting!

You can still be a write-in candidate, though it’s too late to be on the ballot.

Filing as a write-in candidate for precinct delegate is easy:

 – Determine your precinct (if you do not already know it) here: 

– Fill out the affidavit of identity/registration of filing, which is available here:

Sign the completed form in front of a notary. (You can find a notary at your local bank or credit union).

– File your notarized Declaration of Intent with your city or township clerk by 4 p.m. on Friday, August 3 or at your precinct before the close of polls at 8 p.m on Election Day on Tuesday, August 7. (Please check city or township clerk hours before delivering forms, as many of these offices keep restricted hours.)

You can see if we still need Delegates in your precinct here

 It usually only takes a few votes to win- most precinct delegates run unopposed.

We hope we can count on you to help. Please let us know if you have filed or intend to file for election, and in which precinct, by dropping us a quick email at

As a Precinct Delegate, you will:

  • talk with and listen to voters in your neighborhood
  • share their concerns at county level committee meetings
  • share developments and action opportunities with your precinct
  • explain current election issues and deadlines
  • recruit more precinct volunteers
  • keep democracy alive!

WCDP looks forward to welcoming you as a new Precinct Delegate!

The WCDP Precinct Organizing Committee

Washtenaw County bucked the national trend and increased its overall voter turnout in 2016, but we can do even better. Already, our efforts have inspired other counties and the MDP (our state party), to put more resources into grassroots organizing.

The POC helped boost turnout in 2016 with our WCDP Voter Guide – which included introductions to local candidates for small but important positions, as well as major candidate profiles. We organized distribution of 60,000 copies by making sure it was mailed to as many of our rural areas as possible and delivered copies directly in our town precincts..

Have you ever gotten to a position on the ballot and thought something like, “I should have made notes”? We also created a poll greeter’s card, with our recommendations for crucial judgeships and other less-known positions, for you to carry with you to the polls.

Interested? Contact us at to learn more

Photo: Ericka Terry

Give 2 hours a month

Just 2 hours a month can help a lot. We all know people who agree with Democratic policies but don’t go out and vote. If you encourage just 2 people in your neighborhood who normally would, you can help change the outcomes for the entire state! You have enormous power, right in your apartment complex or street!

The best way to convince people to vote? Knock on their door and ask them! You don’t have to start there, because making calls, dropping off literature, & sending postcards are good ways to start to encourage neighbors to vote and introduce yourself before you knock a few doors in November.

You don’t have to travel to other neighborhoods or parts of the state. Just email and ask them for a list of 10-20 likely Democratic voters near your home. Between now and November, you can work your way through the list sending postcards & then knocking doors, or whatever works for you and your neighborhood!