Bylaw changes will be proposed at the General Membership Meeting taking place on Saturday, November 7 at 9:30 a.m. In order to participate in this meeting, you will need to have been a member of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) for at least 30 days. That means the deadline for becoming a member is October 8, 2020. (Become an MDP member here. The free option is near the bottom.)

This 30-day requirement is waived if you are a Precinct Delegates or a Democratic elected official, but you must become a member no later than November 7 and send proof of your membership by forwarding your email receipt to Only people who register and have their MDP membership confirmed will be able to participate in this General Membership meeting. (Click here to register for this meeting.)

These proposed changes have been worked on for over a year to make sure they comply with Michigan Democratic Party rules, have no internal conflicts, and don’t create any unintended consequences. If passed, these bylaws will go into effect after the new Executive Committee is elected at the County Convention on November 23. (This is the group of people who choose the new Executive Board.) The current bylaws are available on our website. The proposed bylaws can be downloaded here. These changes will focus on two major things:

  • Cleaning up the wording and format of the bylaws to make them more readable and accessible to membership
  • Restructuring the Executive Board so it better reflects the needs of the party and simplifies administrative tasks

We ask that you review these changes and send any concerns or feedback to so we can address any possible issues before the meeting takes place. Our goal is to have a clean vote at the meeting. You will receive an updated copy of the proposal prior to the meeting if any feedback is implemented.

If you’d like to watch a 30-minute presentation on the changes, you should print out a copy of the proposed bylaws, grab a cup of coffee, and watch the video below: