Background on Michigan’s Anti-abortion Bills # 4320 and 4321:

Two bills were introduced into the house legislature with the purpose of banning so-called “partial-birth” and dismemberment abortions, including criminal sentencing of doctors and medical personnel who perform these abortions. Obstetricians/gynecologists are concerned that these prohibitions will jeopardize women’s health and future fertility by denying evidence-based, medically preferred care. News: After passing out of the House Committee on Families, Children, and Seniors, these bills were approved by the House Judiciary Committee on May 7th and now await a House floor vote.

Why are resisting Bills like 4320 and 4321 important?Although these bills may not overturn Roe vs. Wade, they certainly would restrict abortion for some women. In most situations, the procedure called dilation and evacuation, (inaccurately titled “dismemberment” abortion by opponents), is considered the safest procedure for second trimester abortions. This procedure usually ensures future fertility, and is considered painless for a fetus that at this gestation period lacks the physical structures for experiencing pain. The sentencing aspect of bill 4321 would deter many health practitioners from following their consciences to provide the safest health care available to the woman in need of an abortion. Women should be able to decide with their doctors what is best for them. Bills like 4320 and 4321 are the first step in banning abortions entirely in this country.

What can we do? We can ask receptive GOP lawmakers to vote no on these bills. In Michigan, only about 6% of abortions involve dilation and evacuation procedures, and these procedures are followed to ensure the health, safety, and future fertility of the woman involved. The Government should not interfere with decisions between a woman and her doctors. Doctors need the all the tools possible to ensure that they make the right decision for the life of a woman. We can also call Governor Whitmer and urge her to veto these bills.

Call These Republican Lawmakers: 
Senator Ruth Johnson: (517) 373-1636
Rep. Kathy Crawford: (517)-373-0827
Rep. Pauline Wendzel: (517) 373-1403

Call Governor Whitmer and ask her to veto these bills:  517-335-7858

Script for Calling Selected GOP Members:

Hi, I’m calling to urge Representative *_______ to vote “No” on House Bills 4320 and 4321 (Partial-birth and Dismemberment Abortion Ban). These bills make abortion inaccessible to many women and deny them the safest form of abortion for the second trimester. The Government should not interfere with decisions between a woman and her doctors, and physicians need all the tools possible to make the right decision for a woman and her life. Thanks.