Did you know that Washtenaw County currently leads the state in returns to prison and jail? A Brighter Way provides assistance, support, and guidance to individuals as they transition back into the community. This event will discuss underlying issues but also practical solutions to the problem that have been proven to work but are not adequately supported and funded.

Due to a high level of interest, the event has been moved from the Ann Arbor Library to the Washtenaw County Learning Resource Center (see calendar).

A panel including State Sen. Jeff Irwin, Kyle Kaminski of the Michigan Department of Corrections, Tom Harrison, Owner, Michigan Ladder, Malachi Muhammad, Employee, The Lunch Room and Cozine Welch, Executive Director, A Brighter Way. As Democrats become more and more aware of the deep-seated inequities in our justice system, we can also address the need for this population to be brought into the electoral system. Many are unaware that once their sentence is served they do have the right to vote, and we need their help to elect representation that will change the conditions leading to economic and racial injustice.

Recent panels of the candidates for County Prosecutor are opportunities to learn more as well, and to be sure the public knows who is running for this crucial role and how they intend to change the dynamic.       https://www.washtenawdems.org/calendar/returning-to-soc…we-can-do-better/