Republicans in the Michigan Legislature have had a busy couple of weeks passing bills that threaten healthcare through the back doors of our auto insurance and women’s right to choose. Although Governor Whitmer has publicly stated she will veto these bills she is still under tremendous pressure and needs to know we stand behind her. The Republicans will be out for her blood so let’s get busy and support her

Item #1: Michigan’s Anti-abortion Bills # 4320 and 4321:

Two bills were passed in the Michigan legislature with the purpose of banning “partial-birth” and dismemberment abortions, and including criminal sentencing of doctors and medical personnel who perform these abortions. Obstetricians/gynecologists have stated that these prohibitions will jeopardize women’s health and future fertility by denying evidence-based, medically preferred care.

Item #2: Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Choices: These bills allow drivers to choose low cost options for minimally capped Personal Injury Protection(PIP) coverage in their car insurance policies. Medical caps will increase uncompensated care for medical providers sought by people who have maxed out their PIP benefits, and shift the cost burden to Medicaid, the government health insurance program for the poor. For the catastrophically injured, this bill is the difference between getting help to get to work and dying in bed.

What can we do? Call Governor Whitmer and ask her to veto these bills:  517-335-7858

Script for Calling Governor Whitmer: Hi, I’m calling to support Governor Whitmer’s veto of the anti abortion bills HB 4320 and 4321. I am also urging her to veto any “PIP choice” auto insurance bills being presented now. Both of these bills undermine healthcare: one specifically for women and the other for Michigan drivers. Thanks.

Information provided by Michigan Resistance writer, Constance Lippert. Need more info?