In 2015, a global corporation called Switch Inc. was given a multi-million dollar state tax exemption to build a data center in Grand Rapids. Now, some lawmakers want to exempt that same corporation from local property taxes – for no apparent reason. Without this property tax, assuming no other changes, governments and schools in West Michigan will likely lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in much-needed revenue. Switch already gets a sales and use tax break, but wants a bill so that they pay little or no school taxes. How is it a company that virtually has no employees, makes millions of dollars a year in profits, and whose CEO is a billionaire can’t afford school property taxes?


SB 455 has passed the Senate, and is awaiting passage in the House any day now. We’ve had a coalition of Democrats and Republicans who oppose this bill, but the Switch, Inc. lobbyists are capable of flipping some of its opponents. Let’s let them know how the voters in this State feel about this bill.

Please call the following representatives:

  • Phil Green (R): 517-373-0476

  • Beau LaFave (R): 517-373-0156

  • Gregory Markkanen (R): 517-373-0850

  • Brad Paquette (R): 517-373-1796

Example script for calling representatives

Hi, my name is ______ and I’m calling to urge you to vote against SB 455. Giving Switch, Inc. data center another tax break, and forgoing hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual local government and school funding is not a good cause. Why would a company who has virtually no employees but makes millions a year in profits in Michigan expect to pay less than their fair share for our children? Please stand up for our state and fight for our economy by voting no on SB 455.