DTE is set on ending the residential solar industry in Michigan.
In its current case before the MPSC, DTE wants to slash the credit people get for generating solar energy, and they want to charge solar owners an obscene monthly fee. Experts say that if DTE gets its way, it will put rooftop solar completely out of reach for future residential customers, make it unaffordable for those with residential solar panels, and potentially end the solar industry in Michigan.
We need to stand up to DTE, which is why I wrote to the MPSC urging them to reject DTE’s proposal, because their profits are not more important than the health of our climate, reducing our energy bills, and thousands of jobs.
Contact the Michigan Public Service Commission at and tell them to reject DTE’s solar proposal in rate case U-20836. Make sure to put U-20836 in your subject line.
Here’s a draft letter, please personalize!
I am writing to oppose the proposed rooftop solar changes that DTE’s energy rate change U-20836. The conditions DTE is proposing to lift the solar cap from 1 to 3 % is might look good until you see that this is coupled with a proposal to half the outflow credit it gives to customers and DTE creating a new rate category. These proposals will put solar power out of the range of most citizens and certainly me. My husband and I have been shopping for rooftop solar and will not be able to afford it if the MPSC approves these proposals. The proposals to half the outflow credit and putting all rooftop customers into a new rate category is unfair and unjust. Not only will it make solar power unaffordable, it will punish people who got solar arrays with the ability of paying for it over time due to savings from generating their own electricity. I am furious!

The new rate class that DTE is proposing will unreasonably and unfairly charge customers a fee based on the three highest 60- minute demands for electricity by the customer during the last 12 months. That means that someone with a rooftop solar system will pay each and every day equivalent to the hours they use the most energy even if those hours do not line up with when the grid is stressed and costs are higher. Experts have estimated that this fee could easily amount to $100 a month or more. But even if they increased by less than this amount it is not fair. DTE is trying to get cash out of people who have chosen to use less power, to help end climate change and to help decrease their carbon footprint.
As I understand it, there is Legislative intent in existing statutes and halving the outflow credit violates the Legislatures requirement that the credit reflect actual costs codified in 2016 PA 342. Why does Michigan have the highest electricity rates in the Midwest? Why are the people of Michigan subsidizing this monopoly? These proposals violate official state policy codified in 2008 PA 295 that encourages energy efficiency programs. These proposals discourage energy efficient programs by making them financially out of reach.
I still do not understand why DTE is allowed to be a monopoly. I have no other options for obtaining energy. But since they are able to run as a monopoly, the MPSC must protect the consumers and public interest and reject these proposals. DTE’s profits are not more important than the health of our climate, reducing our energy bills, and doing the right thing. The fact that DTE uses billions of dollars for politics makes it clear to me that their bottom line is not suffering. Please do not approve these proposals.