The clock is ticking for the Governor to settle the Right to Literacy lawsuit and Student Advocacy Center is joining with students, parents and grassroots organizations asking the Governor to settle now.

You can sign this petition asking the Governor to settle the case. More actions below!

As of yet the Governor and her staff have not responded to requests from community members to settle the case, nor has she accepted invitations to meet with community stakeholders in Detroit to discuss the case and hear their plight.  To be frank, if the case isn’t settled before Friday, May 15th, it will be sent back to the circuit court, where it is likely to be dismissed once again.

Those three possible steps are as follows:

  1. Sign the statewide petition at this link:
  2. For those who are able and comfortable, there will be a car parade demonstration held in front of the gubernatorial residence in Lansing, on Wednesday May 13th, at 12pm.  The link to sign up for this action can be found here: