Changes to the Bottle Deposit Rules Threaten Toxic Site Clean-Up Funds

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From the Sierra Club:

House Bill 5423 would alter Michigan’s bottle deposit laws and strip $21 million away from funds dedicated to contaminated site cleanup and redevelopment from unreturned bottle deposits.

Under current law, 80% of all unclaimed bottle deposits go directly to identifying and cleaning up contaminated sites in Michigan. Michigan’s bottle bill is meant to encourage recycling and pollution prevention, and it does – however, unclaimed bottle deposits have been one of the primary sources of funding for the cleaning up the State’s contaminated sites.

With the toxic green ooze, the dock collapse into the Detroit River, and PFAS contamination — the number of contaminated sites in Michigan has exploded across the state, going from an officially reported 7,300 in 2018 to 24,000 and growing. Even with the funds that are currently available, we don’t have enough money to protect us from the imminent threats to our water and communities posed by these sites. HB 5423 exacerbates the problem even further with this cut.