How many times have we heard, “Oh, the Democrats only come around when they want to ask for our votes”?  Well, let’s get a head start on 2022. Building relationships with voters ahead of time will be key to keeping our excellent team of “Women from Michigan,”  especially in the face of unprecedented fundraising and, undoubtedly, mudslinging from their opponents. The Precinct Organizing Committee is putting out a call for our Precinct Delegates and Volunteers to represent us in their home turf, knocking on selected doors with information about WCDP and crucially, about the voter suppression tactics from the Republican Party. Most of us are aware of the fraudulent petition being circulated with the object of letting the legislature enact restrictive voting rules, without the signature of the Governor. But many are not, and we need to prepare them to Decline to Sign. You can canvass on your own schedule, with a postcard we’ve prepared for you. If you live in an area where safe doorknocking isn’t doable, please talk to us, we’ll find another way for you to reach out. Contact us at